2008 briefings

global economic trends

16 December 2008
John Micklethwait (The Economist) and Will Hutton (The Work Foundation)

What Next?
19 November 2008
Andrew Hilton (Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation) and Jon Moulton (Alchemy Partners)

Restoring Credibility to the Financial System
13 November 2008
Willem Buiter (LSE) and Mohamed El Erian (Pimco)

America's 44th President
7 October 2008
Gideon Rachman (Financial Times) and Irwin Stelzer (Hudson Institute)

Lessons from the Credit Crisis
3 June 2008
Robert Rubin (Former US Treasury Secretary) and Martin Wolf (Financial Times)

17 June 2008
John Calverley (Standard Chartered) and Anatole Kaletsky (The Times)

Russia under Medvedev
13 March 2008
Andrei Illarionov (Cato Institute) and Robert Skidelsky (House of Lords/Warwick)

Grand Strategy for a Free World
19 February 2008
Timothy Garton Ash (St Antony's Oxford) and Paul Kennedy (Yale / LSE)