2007 briefings

combating climate change

Secrecy and Security
13 November 2007
Shami Chakrabarti (Liberty) and Pauline Neville-Jones (Shadow Security Minister and former Chair of the JIC)

New New Labour
18 October 2007
Charles Clarke (Former Home Secretary) and Anthony Giddens (Former Director of LSE)

Financial Stability
2 October 2007
Charles Goodhart (LSE) and John Williamson (Peterson Institute for International Economics)

19 June 2007
James Purnell (Pensions Minister) and David Willetts (Shadow Education Secretary)

The Politics of Climate Change
22 May 2007
Nigel Lawson (Former Chancellor) and  Sir Crispin Tickell (James Martin Institute)

The Dismal Science
15 May 2007
Diane Coyle (Enlightenment Economics) and John Kay (Financial Times)

Mechanisms for combating climate change
8 March 2007
Michael Grubb (The Carbon Trust) and Dan Kammen (UC Berkeley)