2006 briefings


Promoting Development in Africa
4 December 2006
Paul O'Neill (former US Treasury Secretary) and
 Clare Short (former UK Secretary for International Development)

Realism and Idealism in Foreign Policy
21 November 2006
Michael Lind (New America Foundation) and
 Sir Christopher Meyer (former UK Ambassador to Washington) (was unable to attend; Lord Howe stepped in)

The Principles of Counter-Insurgency
14 November 2006
General Lord Guthrie (former Chief of the Defence Staff) and
 Mary Kaldor (LSE; Director, Centre for the study of Global Governance)

The Multicultural Society
6 October 2006
Frits Bolkestein (former European Commissioner for the Internal Market) and
 Sir Colin Budd (Commission on Racial Equality/ Former UK Ambassador in Holland)

From The Cold War of Ideology to the Hot War of Religion
18 July 2006
Ali Mazrui (Binghampton University) and
 Meghnad Desai (House of Lords and LSE)

Oil and Power
15 June 2006
Robert Mabro (St Antony's College Oxford) and
 Peter Odell (Erasmus University, Rotterdam)

The Ethics of Globalisation
3 April 2006
The Rt Rev. Richard Harries (Bishop of Oxford)
 and Peter Singer (Princeton)

Secularism and Islam
22 March 2006
David Goodhart (Editor of Prospect)
 and Tariq Ramadan (St Antony's, Oxford)

The Peaceful Rise of China
7 March 2006
Fan Gang (Director, National Economic Research Institute, Beijing) and
 Lin Chun (LSE)

Priorities of The World
9 February 2006
Bjørn Lomborg (author of
 'The Skeptical Environmentalist') and Sir Nick Stern (Head of the Stern Review on the economics of climate change)

Terrorism in Democracies
1 December 2005
Kim Campbell (former Canadian Prime Minister) and
 John Major (former British Prime Minister)