2005 briefings


Russia as an Energy Superpower
29 November 2005
Leo Drollas (Centre for Global Energy Studies) and
 William Ramsay (Deputy Director, 
International Energy Agency)

7 June 2005
Irwin Stelzer (Hudson Institute / Sunday Times)
 and Stephen Wall (former ambassador to the EU)

The Future of the Euro
31 May 2005
Willem Buiter (Chief Economist, EBRD) (was unable to attend) and
 Tim Congdon (Lombard Street Research)

Rethinking European Security
22 March 2005
Klaus Reinhardt (former NATO Commander of KFOR, the military force in Kosovo) and
 Mary Kaldor (Co-Director, Centre for the Study of Global Governance, LSE)

The American Right
22 February 2005
Anatol Lieven (Carnegie Endowment)
 and John Micklethwait (The Economist)

Revitalising the United Nations
2 February 2005
David Hannay (House of Lords) and Adam Roberts (Balliol College, Oxford)