2003 briefings


Lessons from Empires
4 December 2003
Michael Howard (Emeritus Professor of War Studies) and
 Dominic Lieven (LSE Professor of Russian Government)

Multilateralism and American Power
30 October 2003
Robert Cooper (EU Director General for External and Politico-Military Affairs)
 and Robert Skidelsky (House of Lords and Warwick University)

Rogue Diplomacy 20 July 2003
Norman Lamont (former Chancellor of the Exchequer) and
 Clyde Prestowitz (Reagan official and author of Rogue Nation

Fault lines in 21st Century Capitalism
3 July 2003
Howard Davies (Chairman of the Financial Services Authority) and
 John Kay (Financial Times)

International Economic Relations
26 June 2003
Paul Krugman (New York Times
and Princeton) and Peter Sutherland (Chairman of Goldman Sachs and BP and first Director General of the World Trade Organization)

Imposing Democracy
19 June 2003
Benjamin Barber (Author of
 Jihad vs McWorld and former Clinton advisor) and Mary Kaldor (LSE Centre for the Study of Global Governance)

The Legality of a War in Iraq
19 March 2003
Christopher Greenwood (LSE Professor of Law)
and Colin Warbrick (Durham University)

American Neo-Conservative Foreign Policy
6 March 2003
Timothy Garton-Ash (St Anthony's College, Oxford) and
 Robert Kagan (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

Policing Against Terror
20 February 2003
Helena Kennedy (Doughty St Chambers and House of Lords) and
 John Stevens (Metropolitan Police Commissioner)

The Politics of Islam since September 11th
6 February 2003
Yousef Al-Khoei (Al-Khoei Foundation) and
 Maha Azzam (Chatham House)

The Return of History
30 January 2003
Lawrence Freedman (King's College London) and
 Anatol Lieven (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

Globalisation and the Limits of American Power
23 January 2003
John Gray (LSE Professor of European Thought)
 and Joseph Nye Dean, Kennedy School of Government at Harvard