2002 briefings


US Foreign Policy since September 11th
21 November 2002
James Rubin (Former US Assistant Secretary of State) and
 Gerard Errera (French Ambassador to the UK)

New Imperialism and Human Rights
7 November 2002
Robert Cooper (Senior diplomat and Number 10 foreign policy advisor) and
 Conor Gearty (LSE Professor of Law and Matrix Chambers)

NATO and US Defence Policy
25 October 2002
Robert Hunter (Former US Ambassador to NATO) and 
William Wallace (House of Lords and LSE Professor of International Relations)

Understanding America
22 October 2002
Philip Bobbitt (Clinton defence advisor and author of
 The Shield of Achilles) and Michael Cox (LSE Professor of International Relations)

Can Britain Bridge the Atlantic?
17 October 2002
Poul Nyrup Rasmussen (Former Danish Prime Minister) and
 Raymond Seitz (Former US Ambassador to UK)

September 11 and the Future of Global Governance
20 June 2002
Fred Halliday (LSE Professor of International Relations),
 Christine Chinkin (LSE Professor of Law) and Robert Wade (LSE Professor of Political Economy)

September 11 and EU/ US Relations
13 June 2002
Sidney Blumenthal (former senior advisor to President Clinton) and
 Will Hutton (Chief Executive Officer of The Work Foundation and former Observer editor)

September 11 and Africa
6 June 2002
Ibrahim Gambari (UN Under Secretary-General) and
 David Killingray (Goldsmiths College)

September 11 and International Law Revisited
9 May 2002
Douglas Hurd (former UK Foreign Secretary) and
 Christopher Greenwood (LSE Professor of Law)

September 11 and the European Union
2 May 2002
Giuliano Amato (twice Italian Prime Minister and Vice President of the EU Convention) and
 Anthony Giddens (Director of the LSE)

September 11 and Public Opinion
25 April 2002
Robert Worcester (LSE Professor and Chairman of MORI) and
 David Goodhart (Editor of Prospect Magazine)

The World Economy
21 March 2002
Sushil Wadhwani (MPC member, Bank of England) and
 Martin Wolf (Financial Times)

Unilateralism and Human Rights
14  March 2002
Shirley Williams (former Education Secretary and founder of the SDP) and
 Gwyn Prins (LSE)

An Overview
7 March 2002
Geoffrey Howe (Former UK Chancellor and Foreign Secretary)
 and Meghnad Desai (House of Lords and LSE)