2001 briefings


Political Changes in the Global Economy: another view
29 November 2001
Robert Skidelsky (House of Lords and Warwick University) and Meghnad Desai (House of Lords and LSE)

New Wars and Human Rights
22 November 2001
Mary Kaldor (LSE Centre for the Study of Global Governance) and
 Geoffrey Robertson (human rights lawyer and author)

Implications for International Law
15 November 2001
Chris Greenwood LSE (Professor of Law) and
 Deborah Cass (LSE expert on trade law)

Market Reactions
8 November 2001
Charles Goodhart (LSE and Bank of England),
Vincent Cable (Liberal Democrat Shadow Trade and Industry) and Avinash Persaud (State Street Bank - Global Head of Research)

The Problems of Coalition Building
1 November 2001
Margot Light (LSE Professor of International Relations (FSU)) and
 Michael Yahuda (LSE Professor of International Relations (East Asia))

An Overview
18 October 2001
Fred Halliday (LSE Professor of International Relations (Middle East)) and
 Anthony Giddens (Director of LSE)