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Studies and evaluations

EU emigration

Dr Simona Milio was invited to give a presentation on the issue of Brain Drain and Brain Circulation at the Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, held on 10 March 2014 in in Bologna, Italy.

See the programme|

See the presentation|


Dr Simona Milio acted as the lead academic, on behalf of LSE Enterprise, for the study Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Economic, Social and Territorial  Cohesion of the European Union for the European Parliament. Its aim was to examine the various consequences that the economic and financial crisis has had and is having on the economic, social and territorial cohesion of the Union. Therefore, the impact of the ongoing crisis on the actual cohesion policy had to be identified. In order to do so, the study selected a number of representative regions in order to evaluate the severity of the crisis as well as the effectiveness of cohesion policy under crisis conditions. 

The study was presented| at the European Parliament on 19/03/2014. See the agenda| of the event and a summary of the study|.

Read Volume One| and Volume Two| of the report.


Dr Simona Milio is the Project Director, on behalf of LSE Enterprise, for the project on Social Policy Experimentation (DG Employment). The subject of the contract is to provide support services to the Commission for the development of social policy experimentation in the European Union, as a tool to test social and employment policy innovations and reforms before implementing them. Support services for social policy experimentation will help the European Commission to join Member States' efforts to innovate and modernise social policy. The first event to launch the project| was held on 12/02/2014.

Read an introduction to the project|.


Achievement of cohesion policy from 1989 to today in 15 regions. 

Against a background of inconclusive evidence of the results of EU Cohesion policy since 1989, the aim of this study has been to evaluate the main achievements of EU Cohesion policy programmes and projects and their effectiveness and utility over the longer term in 15 selected regions of the EU15. Read the report| and case study|.


Dr Simona Milio has contributed to the study Costs and Benefits of Labour Mobility between the EU and the Eastern Partnership Partner Countries|, which was led by CASE in partnership with LSE Enterprise. The project involves research teams in 11 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Poland and Spain.


Dr Simona Milio is working on the research project Mapping of VET Educational Policies and Practices for Social Inclusion and Social Cohesion in the Western Balkans, Israel and Turkey| which was awarded to LSE Enterprise in collaboration with LSEE in June 2012. The project involves research teams in nine countries, linking up with the LSEE Research Network on Social Cohesion. Read the report|.


Dr Simona Milio is the lead academic, on behalf of LSE Enterprise, for the Preparatory study for the ex post evaluation of the European Social Fund 2007-2013. The full study is now available here|.


Dr Simona Milio led the study Brain Drain, Brain Circulation and Brain Exchange (view in English| / Italian|) and presented the findings to Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti in Rome (Aspen Institute, 2012) Read more|


The Impact of the Single Market on Cohesion: Implications for Cohesion Policy, Growth and Competitiveness| (European Commission, DG Regio, 2010-11)
See also the annex| to the final report.


Study on the Evolution of Public Policy and Capacity Building in Italy| (Ministry of Economic Development, Italy, 2009-10)

Europe map

Ex post evaluation of the European Social Fund 2000-2006 (European Commission, DG Employment, 2008-09)


The Role of Territorial Clusters in Attracting Foreign Direct Investments (Italian Development Agency, 2007-08)


Evaluation of Civil Servants' Training Programmes| (Ministry of Education and Research, Italy, 2007-08)


Institutions and Civil Society in Basilicata| (Basilicata regional government, Italy, 2007)


Sixth Framework Programme Priority - European Network for Better Regulation (European Commission, 2006-08) Agenda|


Sixth Framework Programme Priority - "SOCCOH: The Challenge of Socio-Economic Cohesion in the Enlarged European Union" (European Commission, 2006-08)

Europe map

Fifth Framework Programme - Innovative Pan-European Structures for the Management of Economic Change and Restructuring at the Local Level (European Commission, DG Employment, 2005-07) Agenda|


Ex-post assessment of four research projects within the framework of the Pluri-Annual Research Programme on Social Cohesion: (1) active welfare state; (2) labour market mobility; (3) the effect of sanctions in unemployment insurance; (4) individual employment histories in Belgium (Federal Science Policy Office, Belgium, 2004)


Assessment of the Mid Term Evaluation Report on Structural Funds Implementation in Spain, United Kingdom and Ireland (European Commission, DG Regio, 2003-05)


Socio-economic analysis of the impact of infrastructure financed by the European Regional Development in Sicily, Italy 1994/1999 (Centro Studi Investimenti Sociali, Italy, 2002)


Evaluation of the Regional Operational Programme of Piedmont, Italy: assessing the role of the European Social Fund in furthering training and education (Piedmont Regional Government, Italy, 2001-06)


Study on the Community Support Framework of Mediterranean Objective One regions, 1994-1999: A comparative analysis| (British Council and Bonino-Pulejo Foundation post-Laurea Research, 2000-01)