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Study on Innovation in Higher Education

Conducted on behalf of: European Commission

Project Partner: Panteia|

Commenced: December 2012

Project context

Universities may be losing some of their monopolies over both knowledge production and transmission, requiring them to enter into new and different kinds of relationships with other organisations and institutions. For some actors within Higher Education Institutions, these changes are seen as challenging traditional values and are to be resisted. For others, they present opportunities to make knowledge ‘central’, to have ‘impact’ and to contribute to the achievement of worthwhile social change and transformation. The crucial balance to be found is between a university's responsiveness to new challenges and necessities—whether they be economical or political—and its ability to produce knowledge on its own terms.

Objectives of the project

The overall aim of the study will be to contribute to the better understanding of recent developments affecting higher education and offer evidence on how innovation can support higher education in times of change.

Specific objectives are identified as follows: to analyse existing and identify emerging challenges affecting higher education; to demonstrate the role of innovation in higher education institutions in addressing these challenges; and to develop recommendations for an innovation framework for higher education

Research team

Dr John Brennan is Visiting Professor at LSE's Department of Social Policy, Emeritus Professor of Higher Education Research at the Open University and Visiting Professor at the University of Bath and London Metropolitan University.

Mr Steve Ryan is Director of the Centre for Learning Technology at LSE

Dr Marina Ranga is a Senior Researcher at Stanford University’s Human Sciences and Technology Advanced Research (H-STAR) Institute and a Visiting Fellow at Sussex University’s School of Business, Management and Economics.

Simon Broek, Senior Researcher at Panteia, has been involved in several European projects in the field of adult education (Adult learning professions in Europe (ALPINE) and the study Key competences for adult learning professionals). 

Niccolo Durazzi is a Master of Science Candidate in European Political Economy (2011-2013) and holds a Master of Arts in International Cooperation, Development and Human Rights (2010).

Bregtje Kamphuis holds an MSc in Law, Anthropology and Society from LSE and a BA in Liberal Arts from the University College of Utrecht, with a focus on law and politics.