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Current projects

See the links below for an overview of some current LSE Consulting projects.

UNICEF Research on Children and ICT|

Traditionally, UNICEF programs have been centred on the areas of: health and nutrition, education, child protection, water and sanitation, and HIV prevention. In recent years, with the global rise of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and the acknowledgement of the profound impact …  

Preparatory study for the ex post evaluation of the ESF 2007-2013|

This preparatory study aims to develop and discuss possible approaches to this task. The evaluation must also support future policies. Therefore it is relevant and important to consider the plans for the next programming period 2014-2020 …

Mapping of VET Educational Policies & Practice for Social Inclusion and Social Cohesion|

Profound economic and societal changes in the Western Balkans and Turkey have resulted in great inequalities in the access to and participation in education, training and employment – a situation shared by Israel’s minorities and vulnerable groups. Skill mismatches have emanated …

Comparative Study on the Regime of Surrogacy in the EU Member States|

Every year, more and more children are born to surrogate mothers. Surrogacy is intrinsically related to important legal issues, such as the legal parentage of a child and his/her citizenship. But due to the legal vacuum that exists in relation to various issues associated …

Study on Innovation in Higher Education |

Universities may be losing some of their monopolies over both knowledge production and transmission, requiring them to enter into new and different kinds of relationships with other organisations and institutions. For some actors within Higher Education Institutions …

Ex-ante evaluation of programming documents and strengthening evaluation capacity for EU funds post-accession|

The Croatian path towards the EU membership started on the 21st of February 2003. Eventually, a year after receiving the status of “candidate country” from the European Council in June 2005, Croatia opened the first “chapter” of the accession negotiations which was provisionally closed on the same day at an accession conference. Since then, 29 more chapters were opened …  

Research on Bilateral Investment Treaties|

The Lisbon Treaty has important implications for the investment policy of European Member States. Competence for foreign direct investment policy has been transferred to the European Union and a legislative framework is now in place to pursue EU-wide investment treaties with …  

Community Mobilisation Consultancy |

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance provides help to communities in their struggles to meet the challenges of AIDS. The Alliance supports thousands of projects in communities all over the world, reaching millions …  

Study on Sustainable Regeneration in Suburbs|

European cities are centres of economic activity, innovation, employment and growth--areas in which the European Union has ambitious objectives. However, cities face a number of structural and long term challenges relating to everything from climate change to an ageing population. The multiplicity of challenges …  

TVET in Myanmar|

This study will provide critical analysis and assessment of the current state of TVET in Myanmar, reviewing past and current policies, strategies, programmes and trends and implications for the country’s socio-economic development and employment.