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Consultancy and commercial research case studies

mental health

Informing the UK's mental health strategy (PDF)

New economic modelling for the Department of Health showed that Early Intervention in Psychosis services in mental health are able to save the UK up to £40 million a year compared to standard health care.

EU parliament

Helping the EU strengthen its promotion of human rights globally (PDF)

This study analysed the European Union's role in the Human Rights Council, recommending how it could increase its influence.



Advising the European Parliament on maternity leave extension (PDF)

An academic from LSE Health wrote a background paper on the non-quantifiable social benefits of extending maternity leave in the EU, resulting in an amended directive.

Ageing Societies

Report for BUPA on the challenges and opportunities of ageing societies (PDF)

Researchers from the Personal Social Services Research Unit explored issues relating to the world's ageing population and the impact upon health and social care services.


Understanding conflict in Southern Sudan (PDF)

Academics from LSE's Department of International Development carried out consultancy work for an NGO undertaking a DFID-funded peace project in Southern Sudan. The results of the study have been used to inform the decisions of governments, NGOs, donors and the UN.


Energy risk management white paper for UK business (PDF)

An academic from the Grantham Research Institute demonstrated that energy-related risks are set to grow, and provided a guide to controlling risk exposure in a paper written for npower.


Consultancy study for the Environment Agency on how best to incentivise water efficiency

LSE Enterprise identified approaches with potential to stimulate maximum efficiency, and to present a realistic appraisal of any challenges which might be faced in implementing them. The study fed into the work of Ofwat, DEFRA, and the Water Savings Group. 

Politics for children

Consulting on a children's book on politics for Dorling Kindersley (PDF)

LSE Enterprise's academic director consulted on an award-winning children's book, explaining politics in a lively fashion in advance of the UK elections.

dollar pills

Consultancy report on workplace health and productivity

LSE Enterprise evaluated a national organisation's strategy on improving workplace productivity via health and wellbeing incentive schemes, assessing the potential global financial benefit of such an approach.

green savings

Commercial consultancy project for a global oilfield services corporation

LSE Enterprise helped develop a benchmark matrix enabling the corporation to measure its impact in the countries in which it operates. The areas covered included socio-economic development, institutions and governance, environmental sustainability and socio-economic sustainability.


Consultancy report on the Alternative Investment Market for the London Stock Exchange

LSE Enterprise presented an authoritative guide to the development of AIM as a stock market for growing companies, its governance and the dynamics of the exchange, its contribution to the UK economy, and an analysis of the factors which have contributed to its growth.

business chart

Consultancy to develop a new financial services training initiative in Malta

We developed and launched a year-long diploma programme on financial services operations and compliance. This facilitated the take up and improvement of careers within the financial sector, helping ensure the continued effectiveness of the Maltese financial industry.


Impact assessment of 'War on Terror' policies for Christian Aid

The Centre for Civil Society studied the implications of changing security strategies and policies for Christian Aid's partners and beneficiary communities in eastern Africa, providing recommendations for future programming.


Consultancy to examine the regional and global reach of Cultural Centre Oscar Niemeyer

LSE Enterprise undertook a study on youth culture in Asturias to inform CCON's understanding of its local and global positioning. It also gave a presentation on the issues surrounding culture in the 21st century.


EC gender equality framework strategy evaluation

LSE's Gender Institute evaluated the EC's Framework Strategy on Gender Equality in a multi-phase, three year consultancy project. It gathered statistical data, developed benchmarks and created an action programme as part of the project.


Commercial consultancy for a leading pharmaceutical company

LSE Enterprise researched the international intellectual property rights regime and conducted a comparative study of two countries.