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Past projects

The final reports can be downloaded from the links below.  

HEA – Teaching Excellence in the Disciplines (PDF)

This project examined patterns of similarities and differences across disciplines by means of a literature review, and by obtaining the views of deans with institutional responsibilities for the leadership and management of groups of disciplines.

The Future of Travel Distribution (PDF)

This report is an analysis of the travel distribution industry - how airline products are currently bought and sold – and how it is likely to change over the coming ten years. It investigates changing consumer expectations – inspirational shopping, personalised services and frictionless payment, as well as the impact of likely changes on industry players and their business models.

BIS - Wider Benefits of Higher Education (PDF)

This literature review focuses on critically assessing the wider benefits and social and cultural impacts of Higher Education, which have been highlighted in recent research.

BSKYB – The British Cycling Economy (PDF) 

The study is the first to pull together key areas and results that comprise the UK cycling sector such as bicycle manufacturing, cycle and accessory sales, cycle-related employment and the economic and health benefits contributed and experienced by regular cyclists.

Convergys - Superfast Broadband (PDF)

This paper deals with the balance between the costs, the revenues, and the societal benefits of superfast broadband. The team assessed the benefits of broadband investment and the issues that must be overcome in order to take full advantage of it.

European Commission – Study on the Impact of the Single Market on Cohesion (PDF)

This study assessed the impact of the Single Market on growth, competitiveness and employment in EU27, in particular regarding its role in generating disparities and convergence processes. It also analysed the institutional and policy linkages between cohesion policy, the Lisbon process and the Europe 2020 strategy.

European Commission - Study on Innovation in Higher Education (PDF)

The objectives of this study were: to analyse existing and identify emerging challenges affecting higher education; to demonstrate the role of innovation in higher education institutions in addressing these challenges; and to develop recommendations for an innovation framework for higher education. 

European Commission - Preparatory study for the ex post evaluation of the ESF 2007-2013 (PDF)

Under the current regulations, Member States are responsible for the ex ante and on-going evaluations of their operational programmes, while the Commission is responsible for the ex post evaluation. In view of the complexity of the European Social Fund (ESF) and its implementation, this study was commissioned to explore different approaches for the design of the ex post evaluation of the ESF programming period 2007-2013.

European Commission – Feasibility Study on Student Lending (PDF)

Higher education has a positive economic impact at individual, country and EU levels, with technological advances continuing to drive the demand for skills. In this report, the researchers recommended the establishment of an efficient and accessible student loan system to support the core education objectives of access and quality.

European Parliament - Comparative Study on the Regime of Surrogacy in the EU Member States (PDF)

This study provides a preliminary overview of the wide range of policy concerns relating to surrogacy as a practice at national, European and global level.

European Parliament – Differences in Costs of and Access to Pharmaceutical Products in the EU (PDF)

Pharmaceutical prices vary considerably across EU Member States, differing by up to a quarter for a sample basket of 150 medicines. A single drug on which the patent has expired can cost as much as 16 times more in some places than others. This report suggests policy options for Member States to strengthen coordination and exchange best practice on this issue.

European Training Foundation - South Eastern Europe, Israel And Turkey - Trends, Perspectives And Challenges In Strengthening Vocational Education For Social Inclusion And Social Cohesion (PDF)

This report presents a synthesis of the findings of a participatory action research (PAR) project with a focus on policies and practices for social inclusion and social cohesion in vocational education and training (VET) systems in nine case study countries. The research methodology was designed with a specific focus on three carefully chosen vocational schools and training centres in the case study countries to investigate the main barriers and potential opportunities for building inclusive VET systems.

Read the report on Israel.

Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) – Going Green (PDF) 

This report provides an overview of 90 cities around the world which are making the transition to a green economy. The report examines the strengths and weaknesses of city governments as key contributors to the global green transformation, and includes case studies on the particular experiences of eight cities making such a change, with a focus on several policy themes such as transport and waste management. 

International Organisation for Migration (IOM) – Evaluation of the project “European Local Cooperation for Integration” (ELCI) (PDF)

The ELCI project aims to shape the strategies for integration developed by migrant advocate organisations and by host country institutions. The overall purpose of the project is “to reinforce the two-way process of integration by shaping the strategies for integration developed by [non-EU] nationals and host societies”.

PACT – Southern Sudan at Odds with Itself (PDF)

The objective of this report was to provide evidence to inform key actors in Southern Sudan when consulting Sudanese citizens and when designing, implementing and prioritising policies and activities that support peace and stability in the region.

RWE npower – Energy and the Economy (PDF)

The objective of this report is to provide an outline of possible future energy scenarios in the UK - right up to 2030 - and to explore the implications of each scenario for npower’s customers. The recommendations are clear, regardless of the outcome: focus on energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy; and follow policy developments in this area, paying close attention to their implications for everyone.

Asian Development Bank Institute (ABDI) – Policies and Practices for Low-Carbon Green Growth in Asia (PDF)

This report highlights how well comprehensive, low-carbon, green growth policy systems are designed, instituted and implemented at the national, sub-national, and electoral levels of emerging economies of Asia. It suggests how Asian countries could make further efforts, and how they should initiate future policy actions and investments with an emphasis on technological innovation, finance, and regional cooperation.

AusAID – Working Beyond Government: an evaluation of AusAid's engagement with civil society in developing countries (PDF)

This in-depth evaluation of AusAID’s engagement with civil society in Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and the Philippines finds innovative and strategic models for working with civil society in general.

BUPA – Ageing Societies: challenges and opportunities (PDF)

Increases in life expectancy mean that the world's population is ageing, with rising care costs but fewer resources upon which to draw. Yet many people are not preparing financially for old age. This report warns of the disintegration of the informal care network and an impending care crunch, exploring policy measures that could mitigate these potential problems. 

Education, Audio-Visual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) – Youth Participation in Democratic Life (PDF)

This research on the general state of youth participation and public policy across the EU makes recommendations as to how and under which conditions media and communication organisations, political organizations, educational organisations, national governments, the European Union, and civil society channels and platforms can foster and engender meaningful youth participation.

European Parliament – Measures to Promote the Situation of Roma EU Citizens in the European Union (PDF)

This study presents a critical assessment of the national action plans, measures and instruments designed to promote the situation of Roma EU citizens in the EU, focusing on six new and six old Member States.

European Parliament – The European Union and the Review of the Human Rights Council (PDF)

This study analysed the role of the European Union in the Human Rights Council. This analysis was carried out in the context of a review of the Council in 2011. The study concludes by offering recommendations for increasing the EU's influence in the review process and the Human Rights Council more broadly.

Plan Urbanisme Construction Architecture (PUCA) – Report on Progress in France’s Former Industrial Cities (PDF)

This report was part of a joint project between LSE and the Brookings Institution on “Weak Market Cities”. The project aims to understand how formerly prosperous industrial cities are faring in today’s difficult economic circumstances. This report in particular focuses on French weak market cities; it concludes that French cities provide useful models for administration and planning policies, and that French experts and urban initiatives are instructive and valuable.