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The disruptive power of autonomous vehicles – the third Berlin Future Mobility Meetup
Changing the face of the city, autonomous vehicle technology is disruptive. Traditional concepts and structures are likely to be undermined by the technology.

What effect will TTIP have on health in the EU?
A study by Usman Khan, Robert Pallot, David Taylor and LSE’s Panos Kanavos was commissioned via LSE Enterprise for the European Public Health Alliance. The authors undertook a structured and systematic rapid evidence assessment and a targeted stakeholder engagement process to assess the health impact of the proposed FTA between the United States and the European Union.

Eco-Cities: New project with University Rey Juan Carlos and FCC in Spain
LSE Enterprise has entered into a new agreement in Spain with academics from the University Rey Juan Carlos and FCC

Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment of EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement
The EU is pursuing closer trade and investment cooperation with Japan, which is already a significant trading partner. The two parties are currently negotiating a free trade agreement and the European Commission has commissioned LSE Enterprise to conduct a Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment to feed into these discussions.

Bringing a new therapy to market
Drawing on academic experts from LSE, the company has begun work on a multi-year project with a leading global pharmaceutical company that is developing a new therapy in the area of gastrointestinal medicine.

Holiday rentals: research by LSE London
In the first comprehensive study measuring the economic impact of the holiday rentals sector in the UK market, Kath Scanlon, Emma Sagor and Professor Christine Whitehead of LSE London estimated that the total spend by holiday rental clients in the UK is over £4.35 billion per year and is responsible for creating over 95,000 jobs nationwide.


EU under microscope

Balance of Competence| (September 2014)

LSE Enterprise associate consultant Dr Anne Corbett has submitted evidence to the UK Government’s review of the Balance of Competence between the EU and member states, as it exists under the current Treaty, in relation to education.

WEF report 2014

World Economic Forum Executive Opinion Survey| (September 2014)

LSE Enterprise has partnered with the World Economic Forum for the fifth consecutive year to conduct a UK-based executive opinion survey, The Voice of the Business Community.

education chart small

Higher Education Entrance Qualifications and Exams in Europe: A Comparison| (July 2014)

LSE Enterprise has undertaken a study for the European Parliament into admission systems in ten countries to see how social and economic challenges can be tackled.


Regional Support for Inclusive Education| (July 2014)

LSE Enterprise were commissioned by the Council of Europe to conduct a baseline and final survey on inclusive education practices in Southeast Europe.

Monitor Globe

The Qatar Supreme Council of Health and LSE launch health economics training programme| (May 2014) 

The Supreme Council of Health (SCH) and the London School of Economics (LSE) jointly launched this week a training programme in health economics to familiarise health professionals in Qatar with the national health insurance scheme (Seha).


The Italian Admission System to Higher Education: Quality, Equity and Mobility Issues| (April 2014)

The Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI) has published an article by Niccolo Durazzi, Deputy Director at LSE Enterprise, analysing the Italian higher education admissions system.


Using mobile data to improve public safety| (March 2014)

Dr Alexander Grous has published a report ahead of the auction of the 700MHz spectrum in the UK. Other countries have found that reserving a portion of the mobile broadband spectrum for emergency services could potentially lead to an improvement in public safety. Dr Grous weighs up the costs and benefits of doing the same in the UK.


Innovation in Higher Education| (March 2014)

In an effort to increase our knowledge of how innovation unfolds across the higher education sector, LSE Enterprise and Panteia carried out a study on Innovation in Higher Education funded by the European Commission, DG Education and Culture.



Annual Report 2013 News

2012/13 Annual Report| (November 2013)

In 2012/13, 20 years after LSE Enterprise took on its first two projects, we connected governments, charities and private sector companies with 388 academics and experts, from almost 50 of LSE’s departments, research centres, groups and units as well as beyond the School.


Chilean MBA students end their study visit to LSE with a reception at the Chilean Ambassador’s residence| (October 2013)

The Ambassador, Mr Tomás Müller, welcomed the group of about 40 students and Professor Stuart Corbridge, LSE’s Provost, presented them with their certificates.


BIS - Report on the wider benefits of higher education| (October 2013)

Our report, commissioned by BIS, was published as part of the 50th Anniversary of The Robbins Report and referred to in the Universities Minister, David Willetts' pamphlet.


A global perspective on public sector administration| (October 2013)

The seventh annual programme for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's Civil Service Bureau (HKSAR) was launched at LSE on 7 October 2013.


LSE Enterprise Report Calls for a Digital-Age Convention on the Rights of the Child| (October 2013)

 New LSE Enterprise report calls for UNICEF and other children's charities need to gather robust evidence on how children are using ICT, and how it may affect their rights and wellbeing


Latest report: enhancing accessibility| (October 2013)

LSE Consulting has been commissioned to provide an independent validation of the Scottish Futures Trust's annual Statement of Benefits.


Dartmouth College: the Foreign Study Program| (October 2013)

On 2 October 2013, a group of Dartmouth College students began their 10-week custom programme at LSE.


Latest Report: The Dementia Iceberg| (October 2013)

This report for BUPA by researchers at LSE's Personal Social Services Research Unit examines for the first time how dementia screening could increase diagnosis rate.













Latest report: drug stop-and-search operations are extending racial inequality in the justice system| (August 2013)

A report by Mike Shiner of the Department of Social Policy, with the drug law charity Release, found that black people are significantly more likely to be searched for drugs than their peers and almost twice as likely to be charged if any are found.


Latest report: Britain at a pensions crossroads| (July 2013)

A report by Dr Sandy Pepper, Professor of Management Practice at LSE, looks at how effective communication by employers can increase staff contribution levels by over 4%.


Latest report: Bringing legal clarity to surrogacy across the EU| (June 2013)

The European Parliament commissioned a study to analyse the existing and possible legal approaches to surrogacy, a practice on the rise around the world

University Business Cooperation

Latest report: University-Business Cooperation| (May 2013)

University-Business Cooperation (UBC) is a relationship in flux, reflecting issues specific to the transition from an industrial to a knowledge society. The report explores UBC's origins, motivations, forms, drivers, barriers, resources and more, using a literature review and case studies from the US and Canada. Finally it gives recommendations for how governments, EU institutions, higher education institutions and businesses can help to develop UBC.

Croatia project

'Ex-ante evaluation of programming documents and strengthening evaluation capacity for EU funds post-accession| (April 2013)

Croatia is preparing to become the 28th member of the European Union in July. In preparation, Dr Simona Milio of the Social and Cohesion Policy Unit at LSE Enterprise has been working on a project to help Croatia make best use of the EU’s Structural and Cohesion Funds, improving policy, instrument choice, programme design and delivery, efficiency and accountability.


Latest report: Predictions for Privacy| (January 2013)

Privacy expert Simon Davies analyses the issues and trends that will dominate the landscape in 2013



LSE Enterprise Annual Report 2012|

LSE Enterprise Annual Report 2011/12| (November 2012)

In the financial year 2011/12, LSE Enterprise carried out 149 projects with 375 LSE academics and external experts, making a profit of £1.24 million for LSE. Read the report: PDF| | Issuu|

Energy and the economy

Latest report: Energy and the Economy - The 2030 Outlook for UK Business| (November 2012)

Professor Sam Fankhauser and Dr Alex Bowen of the Grantham Research Institute write a report for npower

Benedetto and Milio publication

The investment in innovation and technology needed to combat the economic crisis may be the main casualties of the EU’s budget squeeze| (October 2012)

Simona Milio of LSE Enterprise's Social and Cohesion Policy Unit features on the EUROPP blog with Giacomo Benedetto of Royal Holloway


LSE Enterprise runners make it back| (October 2012)

Congratulations to Mike, Niccolo, Jeannine, Simona and Wiebke on completing the half marathon

bike wheel

Olympics gets Brits on their bikes| (October 2012)

Dr Alexander Grous carried out a follow-up study for Sky and British Cycling on the effect of the Olympics on encouraging cycling in the UK


fibre optic

Latest report: Investment in broadband infrastructure key for robust British economy and future competitiveness|

In this Convergys-sponsored report, Paolo Dini, Claire Milne and Robert Milne investigate the social and economic benefits of broadband investment, and the role of smart solutions in enhancing its value (May 2012)


Latest report: Working Beyond Government: Evaluation of AusAid's engagement with civil society in developing countries| (March 2012)

Professor Jude Howell of LSE's Department of International Development and Jo Hall from the Office of Development Effectiveness conducted an in-depth evaluation of AusAID’s engagement with civil society in Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and the Philippines.

LSE Enterprise in Europe

Latest report: The impact of the single market on cohesion: Implications for Cohesion Policy, Growth, and Competitiveness| (February 2012)

Over the last quarter of a century, the single market has been one of the most profound influences on the economic and social development of the EU. This study assesses its impact on on growth, competitiveness and employment in EU27.

Cloud computing

Latest report: Modelling the Cloud| (January 2012)

A study for Microsoft explores the likely impact of cloud computing in major industrial and services sectors, looking at how Europe can become more attractive for public cloud investment, thereby creating employment



Annual Report 2011

LSE Enterprise's Annual Report 2010/11| is now available to download (PDF, 3 MB) (November 2011)


mental health

Informing the UK's mental health strategy| (February 2011)

PSSRU researchers find a strong case for mental health promotion and mental illness prevention and early intervention.


How to respond to global threats in the decade ahead|: a lecture by Jan Pronk on 16 February.

A Kapuscinski Lecture: a joint initiative of the European Commission and the United Nations Development Programme. (January 2011)





Energy risk management for UK business| (November 2010)

Dr Samuel Fankhauser's white paper for npower provides a guide to current energy risks and forecasts how they will grow in the future.


Extended Maternity Leave: From measuring costs to appreciating benefits| (October 2010)

Dr Dina Davaki of LSE Health spoke at the European Parliament on the benefits of extending maternity leave.

Ageing Societies

Latest report - Ageing Societies: Challenges and Opportunities|

Dr Jose-Luis Fernandez and Dr Julien Forder analyse the ageing process worldwide, the support systems required and the policy implications of societies in transition. 

The team examined motives for cattle raiding

Latest report: Southern Sudan at odds with itself| (July 2010)

A study by Professor Tim Allen and postgraduate researcher Mareike Schomerus finds that many supposed solutions to violence in Southern Sudan are in fact doing little to address their causes.

public spending in London

Latest report: Public spending priorities in London| by LSE London staff Tony Travers, Kath Scanlon, Christine Whitehead and Melissa Fernandez

Politics for children

Who's In Charge? Bringing politics alive for children| (April 2010)

When Dorling Kindersley Limited contacted us in search of a consultant for  Who's in Charge?, a children's book on politics, the right person was at hand. Following his 30 years as a civil servant in India, Julius Sen, Associate Director of LSE Enterprise, now trains government officials around the world.