Targeted emails

Targeted emails are an effective way of promoting events or vacancies to a specific group of students. Sending a targeted email allows you to reach the most interested or qualified students directly.

We can search for students and recent alumni according to their:

  • Year of study
  • Degree discipline or academic department
  • Occupational Interest
  • Nationality

This is a targeted service - we don't send emails to all students - so we'll ask you to select at least one of the above criteria in your search. 

The cost of sending a targeted email depends on the number of recipients and the type of email (HTML or plain text) that you send. To get a quote on your search, please log in to LSE CareerHub for more information about targeted emails.

Targeted online adverts

Targeting a broad range of students? LSE Careers now offers online advertisements which will raise your online profile at LSE and lead students and graduates directly to your website.

For other advertising and sponsorship options see our advertising and sponsorship pages.



To use this service, please submit a targeted email request form.

To access this form you must to be registered on CareerHub. Register here.