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Working with student societies and departments

We would strongly advise that all your recruitment and promotional activity with LSE comes through the Employer Engagement Team at LSE Careers.

We have designed the LSE Careers seminar programme to enable you to support the development and education of our students but there are also opportunities to engage with student societies and academic departments.

Student societies

With over 150 student societies affiliated to the LSE Students' Union, over 40 sports clubs as part of the Athletics Union as well as a large media group and Raising and Giving network there are many opportunities to support or sponsor student groups at LSE.

For advice on the best way to engage with student groups please contact the Employer Engagement Team.

Academic departments

LSE is a specialist, single-faculty institution with teaching and research organised through 25 academic departments and multiple interdisciplinary institutes and research centres.

We work closely with each department to produce an individual careers programme so if you are interested in engaging more closely with one of our departments, contact the Employer Engagement Team who will be able to assist.

Other promotional activity

For other promotional activity at LSE please see our advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Student brand ambassadors

Student brand ambassadors defined

Student brand ambassadors are recruited and trained to represent and promote a specific organisation on campus. Hiring student brand ambassadors is an effective way to cut through marketing noise on campus and online. They’re best placed to engage with and promote your brand to relevant societies, sports teams, key university contacts and clubs. Student brand ambassadors will be looking to gain insights, build their network and transferable skills, often with a view to apply to the organisation they’re representing at some point in the future.

Student brand ambassadors and LSE Careers

Student brand ambassadors should work in partnership with LSE Careers and within employer engagement guidelines on LSE Campus. Activities such as hosting events, distributing flyers and/or posters are all services that should be delivered by LSE Careers. If you have any questions please contact the Employer Engagement Team who will be able to assist.

Ensure your student brand ambassador campaign is successfully implemented

  • Define your goals, think about the structure and ideal outcomes: Having clear goals and ideal outcomes in place will help your student brand ambassadors know what’s expected of them, helping them to carry out their responsibility and meet expectations
  • Ensure students are trained effectively: this is essential and training will ideally be done on-site to allow the students to get a real insight into the culture and expectations of your organisation
  • Give students a chance to meet and socialise: it’s beneficial to encourage your students to get to know each other and establish a sense of community
  • Encourage independence and interdependence: this is about striking a balance between providing clear guidance and training for student brand ambassadors whilst allowing them to come up with their own ideas and be responsible for their own workload.
  • Compensation: blue-chip organisations will pay an hourly rate of around £8.00 (this will vary). In some cases students will be given the opportunity to work towards a performance related bonus. LSE will only advertise opportunities that comply with National Minimum Wage legislation. Further information about National Minimum Wage.