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Advertising and sponsorship

LSE Careers can assist your organisation in increasing its profile at the School in a variety of ways.

Banner adverts on CareerHub

Banner advertisements are a great way to build your brand awareness at LSE and a valuable addition to any recruitment campaign.

Advertisements will appear on LSE CareerHub – a specialist online portal used exclusively by over 11000 current students and over 12000 recent LSE graduates. We have great statistics on student usage: a banner shown for 2 weeks will likely be seen by a targeted and valuable audience over 78,000 times.

Banner adverts are an effective way to have a positive, long term branding effect on our students at the start of their careers. To find out more and to purchase banner space, please visit LSE CareerHub|.

The screenshot below should give you an idea of how a banner advert (indicated by the green arrow) is displayed on our student site.

banner screenshot

Enhanced employer profiles on CareerHub

Create your own enhanced employer profile| to help personalise your opportunities to our students at LSE. Many job boards offer a version of these to increase engagement with their audiences and we've made it as specific to LSE as possible.

Enhanced profiles are made up of three tabs. The first tab details who you are and why you recruit from LSE, the second lists your vacancies and the third tab lists all your events, both on and off campus.

Your vacancies and events on CareerHub automatically feed through to these tabs so the only page you need to provide for us is the main landing page in the form of a few set questions.

To find out more and to purchase an enhanced profile, please visit LSE CareerHub|.

The screenshot below shows the LSE Careers enhanced profile as a student would see it:

enhanced profile screenshot

Sponsored sector emails

Looking for a new way to engage with LSE students? Sponsor an Employer Insights email|, based on the top sectors we know LSE students are most interested in.

The email takes the format of an interview. We will ask you a few questions about your industry and organisation to give students an insight into topics that are of interest to students whilst promoting your brand. Your logo will feature in the email as part of the sponsorship.


  • The emails are sent to every LSE student and recent graduate who has registered an interest in that sector
  • It is a fantastic opportunity to increase your brand presence at LSE, with the email including your logo and links to your events and vacancies
  • The email is linked to in our weekly student newsletter, sent to all students
  • The email is live on our student website for a year, meaning more longevity than most sponsorship opportunities
  • Your insights will help LSE students make higher quality and better tailored applications to your organisation

For more information and a step by step guide to sponsorship please visit CareerHub| or contact the employer engagement team|.

Other advertising and sponsorship options

  • Sponsoring our annual careers guide
  • Sponsoring our careers fairs
  • Advertising in our careers fair brochures

For further information on costs for these advertising and sponsorship opportunities please contact our Employer Engagement Team|.


Submit a banner advertising form| to request a banner advert on CareerHub.

Submit an enhanced employer profile form| to create an enhanced profile.

Submit a sponsored sector email expression of interest form|.

To access these forms you must to be registered on CareerHub. Register here|.