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Advertising and sponsorship

LSE Careers can assist your organisation in increasing its profile at the School in a variety of ways.

Advertising your vacancies and events

The most effective way to advertise your vacancies is on our free vacancy board.

We will also list your events in our student event calendar, free of charge. To find out how, see our information on presentations and off-campus events.

If you want to promote an event or vacancy to a specific student type or demographic then we would recommend you send a targeted email.

Bespoke adverts on CareerHub

Online adverts are a great way for you to promote job vacancies and build brand awareness with the LSE student community. They appear on LSE CareerHub, a specialist online portal used exclusively by more than 11,000 current students and a further 12,000 recent graduates. LSE Careers adverts get impressive viewing figures of up to 50,000 per week, and can be targeted to particular groups of students.

Why advertise with LSE Careers?

  • Promote job vacancies to recruit LSE students and graduates
  • Demonstrate your brand to students at the start of their careers
  • Get excellent value for money with up to 50,000 views per week
  • Reach a highly motivated, engaged and skilled student and graduate community
  • Target students by department of study and/or career choice

For further information and to purchase advertising space, please complete an online advertising request form. Please note that you will need to be registered on CareerHub to access this form.

You can choose from three different types of advert:

Advertising options
Image only adverts  
Picture advert

This option gives you the choice of sending us your own image to display or using one of our templates with your logo and some text, like this example.

If using your own image, it should be in a landscape rectangle format with a minimum width of 720px.


Text and image adverts  
Picture and text advert

This option includes up to 250 characters of text and a small image, ideally a logo.

Text only adverts  
Text advert

This option gives you up to 500 characters of text to display as a message to LSE students and recent graduates.

Adverts appear both on the CareerHub homepage and in the sidebars of other pages:

An advert on the CareerHub homepage

Homepage advert

Adverts in the CareerHub sidebar

Sidebar adverts

Enhanced employer profiles on CareerHub

Create your own enhanced employer profile to help personalise your opportunities to our students at LSE. Many job boards offer a version of these to increase engagement with their audiences and we've made it as specific to LSE as possible.

Enhanced profiles are made up of three tabs. The first tab details who you are and why you recruit from LSE, the second lists your vacancies and the third tab lists all your events, both on and off campus.

Your vacancies and events on CareerHub automatically feed through to these tabs so the only page you need to provide for us is the main landing page in the form of a few set questions.

To find out more and to purchase an enhanced profile, please visit LSE CareerHub.

The screenshot below shows the LSE Careers enhanced profile as a student would see it:

Enhanced profile

Other advertising and sponsorship options

  • Sponsoring our annual careers guide
  • Sponsoring our careers fairs
  • Sponsoring other large events we run
  • Advertising in our careers fair brochures

For further information on costs for these advertising and sponsorship opportunities please contact our Employer Engagement Team.



Submit an online advertising request form to advertise on the CareerHub student site.

Submit an enhanced employer profile form to create an enhanced profile.

To access these forms you must to be registered on CareerHub. Register here.