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AXA Campaign 2011 - Second Post-doc call

Information has been provided by AXA for their 2011 campaign. AXA are supporting research on life, societal and environmental risks. Further details relating to eligible fields can be found here|.

APCO Worldwide Perspectives on Europe Series

The LSE European Institute – APCO Worldwide Perspectives on Europe public lecture series is one of Europe's leading platforms for informed debate on the critical issues facing the European Union, its member states and its relations with the rest of the World. The Perspectives on Europe series features substantive presentations by opinion-leaders from politics, public administration, academia, business and media, in a format designed to maximise interaction and engagement with a wider community of experts, commentators and interested public.

The partnership capitalises on the LSE 's unrivalled standing at the heart of the international public policy debate and on APCO Worldwide's outstanding reputation for strategic advice to governments, corporations and non-governmental organisations.

Please see the upcoming and past events listings| for further information

EDS Innovation Research Programme -  Seminars

EDS and LSE have established a partnership agreement for collaborative research and knowledge exchange. The aim is to promote research into innovation and its drivers and processes, and explore new methods of knowledge exchange between business, policy-makers and academia.  

Throughout the year a number of seminars are held at LSE addressing the
following themes:

  • Media, connectivity, ethics and literacies
  • Intellectual property, technology and productivity
  • Public policy and services
  • Complexity, mediation and facilitation

See EDS Innovation Research Programme Event Listings| for more information.

For information on some of our past events, please follow this link|