New World Order: The Transformation of the Global Political Economy

LSE masterclass in social science

19-21 April 2017, sponsored by the Fundación Ramón Areces

The first Masterclass for 2017, New World Order: The Transformation of the Global Political Economy, took place in Madrid from Wednesday 19 April to Friday 21 April, at the Fundación Ramón Areces. 

The three days focused on understanding the current global transformation of politics and economics. The first day looked at the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency, the changes being made and the consequences of his view of politics and foreign policy. 

This first day debated whether globalisation is under threat, and if we are returning to the past or a new vision of the future. 

The second day focused on the current power dynamics in the global political economy, comparing the different superpowers that co-exist in the world and analysing the effect of their rise, including a focus on Russia, the West and China. 

The final day considered the crucial European areas of politics and political economy, including exploring what will happen after Brexit, future prospects for the UK and EU, and how this will affect EU trade relations from both an intra-EU perspective and those with the EU´s major trading partners. 



Monday 19 April 2017 
Trump and the World: The first 100 days
Mr Steve Clemons, The Atlantic, Washington 

Tuesday 20 April 2017 
The Global Economy Today
Professor Emeritus Michael Cox, LSE IDEAS 

Wednesday 21 April 2017 
Mr Julius Sen LSE Enterprise 

Certificate ceremony and programme close  

Closing Reception