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Trade and Investment

LSE Consulting’s expertise in trade and investment pools together evidence-based research and analysis, evolving approaches to stakeholder engagement and expanding network of geographical expertise.

LSE Consulting has led more than 20 trade and investment related projects over the past 5 years

We draw on experts from LSE’s International Trade Policy Unit, Department for International Relations, Centre for Economic Performance and a large number of external collaborators.

Our team covers a broad range of issues under the umbrella of trade and investment policy. We specialise in studies analysing bilateral, plurilateral and multilateral trade and investment agreements, including the treatment of regulatory issues, public procurement, competition and IPR.

In our recent projects we have expanded our focus to newly emerging areas such as digital trade, data rules, and sustainability. Additionally, we explore topics at the intersection between trade policy and other areas, like global governance, finance, geopolitics, and security.

Trade Project Manager:
Elitsa Garnizova

Outputs and Areas of Expertise

Impact assessments

Trade & investment policy advice

Capacity-building and technical assistance

Capacity-building and in-service training programmes to strengthen policy-making on trade and investment policy issues and organising workshops, events to engage with the wider public.

Examples of projects:

Capacity Building within the Caribbean Forum of ACP States (CARIFORUM) in the Areas of Competition, Public Procurement and Customs and Trade Facilitation in Support of the Implementation of the CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership Agreement

Training to the European Trade Union Institute on “What's new in the political economy?” 

Main experts:

>   Dr Steve Coulter
>   Dr Bob Hancké
>   Dr Stephen Woolcock

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LSE Consulting has delivered studies, advice and capacity building as part of 5 framework contracts for EU institutions and the UK government over the past 5 years