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LSE Consulting works across all sectors and disciplines within the School's departments and research centres. 

We conduct qualitative and quantitative research - from literature reviews, stakeholder interviews or surveys to statistical modelling

We have access to unique intellectual resources drawn from specialists with outstanding reputations in academia and policy research. Our consultants are highly experienced in qualitative as well as quantitative research methodologies – from literature reviews, stakeholder interviews or surveys to statistical modelling.

How we can support your organisation

  • Evidence & systematic reviews

    LSE Consulting follows international standards and methodologies to conduct systematic reviews. We provide a comprehensive and exhaustive review of the relevant literature to assess the impact of the evidence.

  • Policy research

    LSE experts analyse the implementation, development and effects of policy changes across different contexts. Comparing and contrasting regulations already present in other countries allows us to review accepted perceptions and help our clients maximise the impact of their policy decisions.

  • Socio-economic analysis

    LSE experts apply social science research to contemporary issues faced by organisations. By broadening the boundaries of interdisciplinary thinking, we help our clients to quantify uncertainties and measure outcomes using proven techniques and methodologies.

  • Corporate & industry analysis

    LSE experts conduct broad analysis of corporate and industry dynamics and deliver practical recommendations that are responsive to changing market needs. The rich industry expertise and experience of our world-class consultants bring exceptional insight to our clients’ corporate challenges.

  • Evaluation & impact studies

    Using diagnostic tools, LSE experts can measure outcomes which allow our clients to identify opportunities for improvement and achieve practices, which are sustainable and transferable.

  • Events & conferences

    LSE Consulting designs and delivers bespoke events tailored to individual clients, from simple presentations to inspiring conferences. We use our unique location and knowledge to organise effective and innovative events that serve the dynamic and complex worlds our clients operate within.

The research areas we cover

LSE Consulting works across an extensive range of sectors and disciplines within The London School of Economics and Political Science. These include:

>   Criminology
>   Development
>   Economics
>   Education & skills policy
>   Environment & energy
>   EU politics & policies
>   Finance
>   Global economy
>   Health policy
>   Housing
>   International affairs
>   International political economy
>   Labour markets & employment
>   Media & communications
>   Methodology
>   Migration
>   Minorities
>   Public & economic policy
>   Public administration
>   Regional policy
  Social inclusion
>   Technology
>   Trade & investment
>   Urban planning & cities

To get a better understanding of the type of work we do in the different research areas, visit our online library where you can view a selection of our publicly available consulting reports.