Cross-Beneficiary Report for 'Regional Support for Inclusive Education'

November 2015

Cross-Beneficiary Report for 'Regional Support for Inclusive Education'

This report contributes to a wider project providing ‘Regional Support for Inclusive Education’ funded by the European Commission and implemented by the Council of Europe. The project supports 49 schools across South East Europe to develop inclusive cultures, policies and practices, and aims to increase knowledge and understanding of inclusive education across the region through awareness-raising, mutual learning and capacity building measures.

In order to measure the impact of the project, LSE Enterprise has been contracted to run a baseline survey prior to the implementation of the project and a final survey after the project’s implementation. The survey employs an ‘index for inclusion’ which covers various dimensions of inclusiveness in education. By running the survey before and after the project implementation, it is aimed to capture the nature, extent and level of awareness of inclusive education, the impact on these of the project activities and to determine whether and how the perception of inclusion in education across the region has altered.

This report elaborates on the data obtained through the first survey, which establishes the baseline. Data analysis in this report focuses on aggregate results across countries, and particularly provides an analysis of the results of the survey with a view to capture differences across different typologies of schools and different stakeholders that participated in the survey. The ‘national dimension’ of the results is not the main focus of this document but it is rather analysed through seven separate ‘beneficiary reports’ that constitute the appendices to this document.

Client: European Union & Council of Europe

Authors: William Bartlett, Bregtje Kamphuis & Niccolo Durazzi

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