RWE in Europe - Paper III: A Roadmap for RWE

October 2017

A Roadmap for RWE

Real world evidence (RWE) has been touted as a remedy for current market access issues, facilitating quicker approvals and increased odds of reimbursement at a good price. It is therefore an attractive avenue for pursuit for manufacturers today.

This paper, the third in a series looking at the use of RWE in Europe, outlines the discussions held between key opinion leaders in pricing and reimbursement across a number of European countries at a roundtable-style meeting.

The aim of the meeting was to develop a 3-year roadmap, and resulting action plan, of initiatives for the enhanced use of RWE in decision-making in the pharmaceutical industry. Following a series of brainstorming sessions across the areas of commissioning and access, clinical evidence and patients and outcomes, contributors were asked to prioritise the importance of a refined set of initiatives identified in these brainstorming sessions to develop the three-year roadmap.

Finally, four key points from the roadmap were identified for initial action: actively engage in early dialogue with payers on RWE needs; consensus exercise on RWD/E in clinical decisions, develop a definition of patient reported/relevant outcomes and develop a model approach for the collection of patient reported/relevant outcomes data. These action points are seen as the most imperative steps for enhancing the role of RWE. Increased use of RWE in addressing these steps will contribute to  quick and efficient resolutions, which will be vital for all stakeholders in the pharmaceutical arena.

This paper is the third in a series looking at the use of Real World Evidence (RWE) in Europe. Click below to read the first, second and fourth paper: 

Client: F. Hoffmann - La Roche

Authors: Jennifer Gill, Joan Albanell, Bernard Avouac, Karin Berger, Finn Boerlum Kristensen, Heiner Bucher, Robert Duncombe, Antje Fink-Wagner, John Hutton, Karina Jahnz-Różyk, Ingrid Kossler, Katerina Podrazilova, Federico Spandonaro, Michael Thomas, António Vaz Carneiro, Markus Wartenberg & Panos Kanavos

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