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Thailand Government Scholarship

Applications are now closed. Details of the application process and submission dates for 2015-16 will appear on these pages from around February 2015.

About the Scholarship

The LSE Asia Research Centre (ARC)–Thailand Government Scholarship scheme is a partnership between the Royal Thai Embassy in London| and the Asia Research Centre|, LSE. The Scholarship aims to promote better understanding of, and knowledge regarding, Thailand.

LSE students selected for the Scholarship will visit Thailand and spend a minimum period of one month and a maximum period of two months in Thailand to undertake research on a project of relevance to Thailand and gain cultural exposure and understanding of the country. Scholars will also be able to conduct any project of their interest on Thailand as part of their study programme at LSE.


Successful applicants will visit Thailand and complete their Scholarship not later than end-October 2014. The Scholarship provides travel, accommodation and subsistence costs. Scholars are required to submit a report of their project| to the Asia Research Centre within two weeks of their return.

Previous reports|

Application Criteria

Applications are now closed.

The Scholarship is available to British students registered for any degree programme at the LSE. Priority is given to British postgraduate students, however, should a suitable postgraduate student, or students, not be identified, consideration will be given in the order of preference to:

  1. British undergraduate students;
  2. LSE students from other countries who are likely to continue their careers in the United Kingdom beyond the period of their studies.

Application Process

Applications are now closed.

To be considered for the LSE ARC–Thailand Government Scholarship you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Short statement (up to 700 words) outlining the proposed project to be undertaken by you, and how you would benefit from the Scholarship;
  • Copy of your CV/resume;
  • Letter of support from your supervisor or tutor.

Applications are now closed.

Please indicate Thailand Government Scholarship in the subject line. Successful candidates will be invited to attend a brief interview.

Thailand Government Scholars


Laura Aumeer|

Kamila Baczek|




Scott MacDonald
Polly McKinlay|




Sarah Alexandra George|

Timothy Williams|