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Lend-A-Hand Internship


The Lend-A-Hand India| (LAHI) Internship offers LSE students a unique opportunity for on-the-ground field and desk work in a dynamic environment in India.

LSE students interested in this opportunity can find full details on LSE CareerHub| (LSE login required).

About Lend-A-Hand India

Lend-A-Hand India is a leading multi-state NGO working at the intersection of education and livelihood with a presence in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa. LAHI works with government schools to make high school education practical and relevant by providing job/life skills training to young boys and girls from rural India as part of their school curriculum.

About the Programme

The program is delivered on the school premises by local entrepreneurs recruited by LAHI and trained to be instructors. Students complement their academic education with practical, learning by using/learning by doing methods in various aspects of running a business, namely: manufacturing, accounting, finance, marketing and customer service and earning real revenue. Students are introduced to more than 15 different skills ranging from electrical wiring, plumbing, carpentry, fabrication, agriculture and animal husbandry. The program has led to increased enrolment, enhanced academic performance, a reduction in dropout rates as well as increasing the employability of the students. Currently more than 10,000 young boys and girls from over 60 villages are being taught under this program.