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The Asia Research Centre (ARC) engages with LSE students in a number of ways including through funded support such as fellowships and internships. The Centre co-hosts events with student societies.  This page contains information and opportunities for current and past students.



Jointly with the LSE Careers|, the ARC administers the Tata International Social Entrepreneurship Scheme| which offers LSE students the opportunity to undertake 8 week social entrepreneurship and CSR projects at the Tata Group in India.


The Thailand Government Scholarship scheme| is a partnership between the Royal Thai Embassy in London| and the ARC, giving students the opportunity to visit Thailand for up to two months to conduct any project of their interest on Thailand as part of their study programme at LSE. The Scholarship aims to promote better understanding and knowledge of Thailand.




The ARC supports Asia-related student societies. These include the China Developement Society|, SPICE| the India Society and the Pakistan Society|. There are many national and cultural societies| focused on specific aspects of Asia. These and more are available from the LSE Students' Union|.




The ARC organises the India Careers Day| at LSE in collaboration with LSE Careers|. This event provides an opportunity for students to interact with global Indian companies and international companies with Indian interests.




Stay involved after leaving LSE via LSE Advancement|.


External Opportunities

Internships and volunteering opportunities are also available at the institutions listed below. Interested students should follow up with the organisation directly.