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Working Papers

Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of research, private study, criticism or review, the documents linked below are not allowed to be reproduced, stored or transmitted in part or in whole without the author's permission and the ARC's consent in writing.



Will no one Plant a Tree in Indonesia? Yes, the Poor Will, and on Islands not Known for Their Forests: One such is Timor

Roger Montgomery (2015)

Keywords: Tree planting, Indonesia, islands, forests, poverty reduction, agro-forestry, Timor


Second Demographic Transition or Aspirations in Transition - An exploratory analysis of lowest-low fertility in Kolkata, India

Saswata Ghosh (2015)

Keywords: Second demographic transition, lowest-low fertility, fertility rate, fertility transition.


Involving the Private Sector and PPPs in Financing Public Investments: Some opportunities and challenges

Ehtisham Ahmad, Amar Bhattacharya, Annalisa Vinella and Kezhou Xiao (2014)

Keywords: Private sector, PPP, finance, public investment, infrastructure


Political Economy of Multilevel Information Generation and Liability Management: Some lessons from international experience

Ehtisham Ahmad (2014)

Keywords: Political economy, multilevel information generation, finance, control mechanisms, fiscal rules, liability management


Local Property Taxation and Benefits in Developing Countries - Overcoming political resistance?

Ehtisham Ahmad, Giorgio Brosio and Caroline Pöschl (2014)

Keywords: Property taxation, benefits, developing countries, political resistance


Location Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Services: Evidence from Chinese Provincial-level data

Feng Yin, Mingque Ye and Lingli Xu (2014)

Keywords: foreign direct investment, services, location, determinants


Measuring HDI – The Old, the New and the Elegant: Implications for multidimensional development and social inclusiveness

Srijit Mishra and Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan (2014)

Keywords: displaced ideal, hiatus sensitivity to level, MANUSH, Minkowski distance, shortfall sensitivity, uniform development


Farmers’ Suicides in India, 1995-2012: Measurement and interpretation

Srijit Mishra (2014)

Keywords: Bt cotton, farmers’ suicides, India, livelihood, people-centric, techno-centric


Crop Insurance for Adaptation to Climate Change in India

Mamata Swain (2014)

Keywords: climate change, agricultural risk, adaptation, crop insurance, odisha, India


Governance and Institutions: The role of multi-level fiscal institutions in generating sustainable and inclusive growth

Ehtisham Ahmad (2013)

Keywords: governance, institutions, sustainable growth, inclusive growth


Diasporas Transforming Homelands - Nuancing ‘collective remittance’ practices in a western Indian village

Sudeep Basu (2013)

Keywords: collective remittances, diaspora philanthropy, dan, social transformation, village collectives


Can the New Intergovernmental Structure Work in Pakistan in the Presence of Governance Challenges? Learning from China

Ehtisham Ahmad (2013)

Keywords: Intergovernmental, Pakistan, governance, China, decentralisation


Pakistan the United States and the IMF: Great game or a curious case of Dutch Disease without the oil?

Ehtisham Ahmad and Azizali Mohammed (2013)

Keywords: Pakistan, United States, IMF, Dutch disease


Tax Reforms in the Presence of Informality in Developing Countries

Ehtisham Ahmad, Michael Best and Caroline Pöschl (2013)

Keywords: Tax reforms, informality, developing countries


Political economy of natural resource revenue sharing in Indonesia

Cut Dian Agustina, Ehtisham Ahmad, Dhanie Nugroho and Herbert Siagian (2012)

Keywords: Political economy, natural resources, revenue sharing, Indonesia


Financing Social Policy in the Presence of Informality

Ehtisham Ahmad and Michael Best (2012)

Keywords: Finance, social policy, informality


Environment and the Aging Experience Among South Indian Hunter-Gatherers

Seetha Kakkoth (2011)

Keywords: Environment, aging, India, hunter-gatherers


Should China Revisit the 1994 Fiscal Reforms?

Ehtisham Ahmad (2011)

Keywords: China, fiscal reforms, economy, tax


Nutrition Status in Palanpur

Dipa Sinha (2011)

Keywords: Nutrition, Palanpur, India


The Invisible Half – Women’s Status in Palanpur

Dipa Sinha and Rosalinda Coppoletta (2011)

Keywords: Women, literacy, employment, Palanpur, India


Developments in education in Palanpur, a village in Uttar Pradesh

Ruth Kattumuri and Dinesh Kumar Tiwari (2011)

Keywords: Development, education, literacy, Palanpur, village, India


Change and Continuity: Agriculture in Palanpur

Ashish Tyagi and Himanshu (2011)

Keywords: Agriculture, Palanpur, India, change, tenancy


Tenancy in Palanpur

Ashish Tyagi and Himanshu (2011)

Keywords: Tenancy, agriculture, Palanpur, India


Stepping out of Palanpur: Employment outside Palanpur

Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay (2011)

Keywords: employment, Palanpur, India, long-term migration


Poverty, Inequality and Mobility in Palanpur: Observations from Palanpur

Himanshu, Ishan Bakshi and Camille Dufour (2011)

Keywords: Poverty, inequality, mobility, Palanpur, India


Non-Farm Diversification and Rural Poverty Decline: A perspective from Indian sample survey and village study data

Himanshu, Peter Lanjouw, Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay and Rinku Murgai (2011)

Keywords: employment, diversification, rural non-farm sector, decline of poverty, India, village


India and an Indian village: 50 years of economic development in Palanpur

Himanshu and Nicholas Stern (2011)

Keywords: India, Palanpur, village, economic development, growth


Access to Finance: a functional approach to supply and demand

Greg Fischer (2011)

Keywords: Finance, supply, demand, India


Railroads of the Raj: Estimating the impact of transportation infrastructure

Dave Donaldson (2011)

Keywords: Transport, infrastructure, India


Labour Force Participation of Women in India: Some facts, some queries

Surjit Bhalla and Ravinder Kaur (2011)

Keywords: Labour force participation, women, India


Inclusion and Growth in India: Some facts, some conclusions

Surjit Bhalla (2011)

Keywords: Inclusion, growth, India


Food Security and the Targeted Public Distribution System in India

Ruth Kattumuri (2011)

Keywords: Food security, targeted public distribution system, India


Comparative Analysis of Indonesian and Korean Governance

Yunwon Hwang (2011)

Keywords: Governance, Indonesia, Korea, World Governance Index


Contesting Identities in Bangladesh: A Study of Secular and Religious Frontiers

Sanjay K Bhardwaj (2011)

Keywords: Identity, Bangladesh, secular, religion


Cultivated Land Conversion in China and the Potential for Food Security and Sustainability

Shunji Cui, Ruth Kattumuri (2010)

Keywords: Cultivated land conversion, China, food security, environmental sustainability, land governance


Children with Disabilities in Private Inclusive Schools in Mumbai: Experiences and Challenges

Ashima Das, Ruth Kattumuri (2010)

Keywords: Children with disabilities, Inclusive Education, Self Concept, Developing Countries, Mumbai, India

Published in The Electronic Journal for Inclusive Education


The political-economy of tax reforms in Pakistan: the ongoing saga of the GST

Ehtisham Ahmad (2010)

Keywords: Pakistan, tax, political economy


Liberalization, Globalization and the Dynamics of Democracy in India

Dilip Nachane (2010)

Keywords: democracy, growth, development, welfare


Farm Risk Reduction Assessment for Nusa Tenggara Islands, Indonesia

Roger Montgomery, Rohandi, Rilus Kinseng (2010)

Keywords: agriculture, farming, risk, global warming, global climate change, Indonesia


Multidimensional Poverty and the state of child health in India

Sanjay Kumar Mohanty (2010)

Keywords: poverty, children, India


IT Industry in Transformation: Opportunities and Challenges for India

Raja Mitra (2009)

Keywords: growth, IT, BPO, India


Effective Carbon Taxes and Public Policy Options: Insights from India and Pakistan

Ehtisham Ahmad, Nicholas Stern (2009)

Keywords: public finance, developing countries, India, Pakistan, indirect tax systems, environmental tax, carbon tax, carbon taxation


Decentralization and local service provision: What do we know?

Ehtisham Ahmad, Giorgio Brosio (2009)

Keywords: decentralized service delivery, decentralization, public policy, developing countries


GST Reforms and Intergovernmental considerations in India

Ehtisham Ahmad, Satya Poddar (2009)

Keywords: sales tax, VAT, India


Fiscal Policy Instruments and the Political Economy of Designing Programs to reach the poorest

Ehtisham Ahmad (2009)

Keywords: Millennium Development Goals, MDGs, poverty, poor, fiscal policy


Japanese-Chinese territorial disputes in the East China Sea - between military confrontation and economic cooperation

Reinhard Drifte (2008)

Keywords: Japanese-Chinese relationship, Japan, China, politics, economy, military, stability, East China Sea


Growth, Employment and Poverty Reduction: Post-Reform Indian Experience

Himanshu (2008)

Keywords: employment, growth, India, poverty


'Entrepreneurial' Local State: The implications of Beijing's shifting emphasis on urban redevelopment policies

Hyun Bang Shin (2007)

Keywords: entrepreneurship, local government, China, urban redevelopment policy


Impact of Competition on Microfinance Beneficiaries: Evidence from India

Samapti Guha (2007)

Keywords: India, microfinance, financial institutions, government agencies, non-government agencies, competition, repayment


Energy Security in Northeast Asia: Putin, Progress and Problems

Se Hyun Ahn (2007)

Keywords: Russia, energy, energy security, Northeast Asia, natural gas, oil, oil pipeline


Challenges for Urban Local Governments in India

Rumi Aijaz (2007)

Keywords: local government institutions, urban development, infrastructure, local governance, India


Contrarian Lives: Christians and Contemporary Protest in Jharkhand

Sushil J. Aaron (2007)

Keywords: Jharkhand, India, colonial regions, postcolonial regimes, development, adivasi, Christian politics, church


Indian Exceptionalism? A Discussion on India's Experiment with Constitutional Secularism

Mathew John (2006)

Keywords:  secularism, sectarian violence, constitutional secularism, democracy, Euro-American, secular state, immigration, Islam, postcolonial polemic, India, non-Western polities, Indian Supreme Court


Producing a Rationale for Dowry? Gender in the Negotiation of Exchange at Marriage in Kerala, South India

Praveena Kodoth (2006)

Keywords:  dowry, India, matrilineal castes, Kerala, gender, conjugal patronage, Indian social policy, identity


India's Policy on Genetically Modified Crops   

Anitha Ramanna (2006)

Keywords:  genetically modified crops, India, economic development, impact of technology on society, farmer relations, business relations, NGOs, agricultural biotechnology, agriculture, biotechnology, environment, policy 


Towards a Comprehensive Welfare State in South Korea: Institutional features, new socio-economic and political pressures, and the possibility of a welfare state

Yeon-Myung Kim (2003)

Keywords:  East Asia South Korea, state welfare, Asian financial crisis, Korean welfare state arrangements, Korea


Taliban's War on Women: Live Experiences of Afghan Women in Transit on Ethnicity and their Identity

Minakshi Das (2006)

Keywords:  ethnic conflicts, identity, gender, conflict, Afghan women, peacemaking, social concerns, individual motivations, social action, Afghanistan


Transboundary pollution as an issue in Northeast Asian regional politics

Reinhard Drifte (2003)

Keywords:  cooperation, China, South Korea, Japan, transboundary pollution, Northeast Asia, regional approaches, regional leadership, Japan-China, Korea


Asian Perspective Philippine Experience

Ernesto Gonzales

Keywords:  Unified Model of Sustainability, Pateros, Manila, National Progress, Sustainable Development, Philippines


On the Allocation of Public Goods to Villages in India

Santanu Gupta

Keywords: religion, public services, infrastructure, basic amenities, education, health, development factors, Indian villages, India


Implications of clean development mechanism of the Kyoto to rural livelihoods in India

Haripriya Gundemeda

Keywords: Kyoto Protocol, developed countries, industrialized countries, carbon emissions, economic impacts, developing countries


Identity, hegemony, resistance: conversions in Orissa, 1800-2000

Biswamoy Pati

Keywords: Hinduism, conversion, social dynamics, India


Silence, hurt and choice: attitudes to prostitution in India and the West

Geetangali Gangoli

Keywords: prostitution, feminism, India, the West, feminist politics, sexuality


Policy Failure, Political Constraints and Political Resources: Basic Education in Pakistan

Haris Gazdar

Keywords: Pakistan, primary education, literacy ratio, literacy, gender inequality, urban/rural inequality


Effects of Migration, Socioeconomic Status and Population Policy on Reproductive Behaviour

Mehtab Karim

Keywords: non-industrial societies, cultural practices, religious beliefs, fertility patterns


Deception, corruption and the Chinese ritual economy

Charles Stafford

Keywords: East Asia, economy, culture, economic performance, Confucian ethics, Chinese capitalism, East Asian capitalism, loyalty, corruption, cronyism, China


Consumer Food Subsidies: What Needs to be Done in India?

Madhura Swaminathan

Keywords: India, PDS, household food security, food subsidies


The Significance of the Chinese Revolution in World History

Maurice Meisner

Keywords: Chinese Communist Revolution, China, anti-Chinese sentiment, United States, Hegel, Marx, history