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Inclusive Education

A Contextual Working Model

by Ashima Das, Shankar Das and Ruth Kattumuri|

As inclusive culture begins to pervade through the educational systems it is imperative for the educationists, policy makers and other stakeholders to understand the phenomenon as it exists. This book clarifies concepts, elucidate contextual realities, and build a working model for inclusive education in India. It brings to the audience the experiences of children with disabilities within inclusive school settings and how the school responds to their varied needs. With its structures, rules, and objectives, a school is like a microcosm of the world. Thus, the schools must model the behaviour and attitudes which are transferred to the posterity. The book surfaces myriad of issues which affect the culture, policy and practice of schools and recommends a way forward. More from the publisher »|


"In a nutshell, this book carries an important message of inclusive education and its relevance for the current scenario. The study reccommends that the inclusive school must build comprehensive inclusive cultures and must enable access to equal opportunities to all learners by installing support mechanisms, overcoming challenges and building competencies of regular teachers. An emergent model of inclusive education is also presented and discussed in this book." --Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology. More »|

Inclusive Education: A Contextual Working Model