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Effective Federalism and Local Finance

Edited by Ehtisham Ahmad and Giorgio Brosio

Fiscal federalism has been the subject of much scholarly debate over the years. These volumes successfully bring together seminal articles from the past fifty years to demonstrate how the focus has evolved from ‘first generation’ to ‘second generation’ theories of intergovernmental relations. The editors enhance the collection with detailed analyses of how competition affects relations between varying levels of government, and examine the hypotheses underlying the theory of fiscal federalism. This set of authoritative papers will be an indispensable reference source for scholars and practitioners in this field. More from the publisher »

Contributors include

  • E. Ahmad
  • A. Breton
  • G. Brosio
  • B. Dollery
  • T. Goodspeed
  • B. Huber
  • B. Lockwood
  • W. Oates
  • M. Olson Jr.
  • V. Ostrom
  • J.P. Platteu
  • P. Salmon
  • P. Seabright