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The Economics of Climate Change

The Stern Review

by Nicholas Stern|

There is now clear scientific evidence that emissions from economic activity, particularly the burning of fossil fuels for energy, are causing changes to the Earth´s climate. A sound understanding of the economics of climate change is needed in order to underpin an effective global response to this challenge. The Stern Review is an independent, rigorous and comprehensive analysis of the economic aspects of this crucial issue. It has been conducted by Sir Nicholas Stern, Head of the UK Government Economic Service, and a former Chief Economist of the World Bank. The Economics of Climate Change will be invaluable for all students of the economics and policy implications of climate change, and economists, scientists and policy makers involved in all aspects of climate change. A state-of-the-art independent review of the economics of climate change, this book is written by an internationally-respected and well-known author. It contains full colour illustrations throughout. More from the Publisher »|


  1. Climate change: our approach
  2. Impacts of climate change on growth and development
  3. The economics of stabilisation
  4. Policy responses for mitigation
  5. Policy responses for adaptation
  6. International collective action


'The stark prospects of climate change and its mounting economic and human costs are clearly brought out in this searching investigation. What is particularly striking is the identification of ways and means of sharply minimizing these penalties through acting right now, rather than waiting for our lives to be overrun by rapidly advancing adversities. The world would be foolish to neglect this strong but strictly time-bound practical message.' 
 -Amartya Sen, recipient of the Nobel Prize for Economics, 1998

' … the world is waiting for a calm, reasonable, carefully argued approach to climate change: Nick Stern and his team have produced one.'
 -Robert M. Solow, recipient of the Nobel Prize for Economics, 1987

Stern - The Economics of Climate Change