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Colonialism and Welfare

Social Policy and the British Imperial Legacy

Edited by James Midgley and David Piachaud

The British Empire covered three centuries, five continents and one-quarter of the world’s population. Its legacy continues, shaping the societies and welfare policies of much of the modern world. In this book, for the first time, this legacy is explored and analysed.

Colonialism and Welfare reveals that social welfare policies, often discriminatory and challenging to those colonised, were introduced and imposed by the ‘mother country.’ It highlights that there was great diversity in rationales and impacts across the empire, but past developments had a major impact on the development of much of the world’s population. Contributions from every continent explore both the diversity and the common themes in the imperial experience. They examine the legacy of colonial welfare – a subject largely neglected by both historians of empire and social policy analysts.

This original book shows that social welfare today cannot be understood without understanding the legacy of the British Empire. Academics and specialised students with an interest in comparative social policy, history of social policy, imperial history, colonialism, and contemporary third world social policy will find this book invaluable to their studies. More from the publisher »

Contributors include

  • J. Harrison
  • N. Jayaram
  • E. Kaseke
  • R. Kattumuri
  • J. Lewis
  • J. Midgley
  • L. Patel
  • D. Piachaud
  • P. Smyth
  • K.-l. Tang