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Professor Chengang Xu

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Professor Chenggang Xu

ChenggangXuProfessor Chengang Xu was a Visiting Senior Fellow at the LSE Asia Research Centre from the University of Hong Kong.

Professor Xu (PhD in economics, Harvard, 1991) is Professor of Economics at University of Hong Kong and has taught at London School of Economics for 18 years until 2009, is current President of the Asian Law and Economics Association (AsLEA), and is a co-editor for three international journals in economics.

He has dozens of publications in major journals, such as JEL, JPE, AER, RES, EER, etc.; chapters in more than a dozen books, and has published a book. He delivered invited speeches at Econometric Society's Congress, AEA Meetings, IEA Round Tables, EEA Meetings, China Economic Annual Conference, and Hong Kong Economic Association Biennial Conference etc. He has been invited to provide policy advises by the Chinese State Council, Peoples Bank of China, the CASS, the UNDP, the EBRD, and the UK HM Treasury. He has served as consultants for the World Bank and the IMF.

Research Interests

  • Contract Theory
  • Corporate Finance/Governance
  • Law and Economics
  • Development
  • Institutions
  • Political Economics
  • Chinese economy

Selected Publications

  • Chenggang Xu, "The Fundamental Institutions of China's Reforms and Development,"  The Journal of Economic Literature [Forthcoming]
  • Yingyi Qian, Gérard Roland and Chenggang Xu (2006),"Coordination and Experimentation in M-Form and U-Form Organizations," Journal of Political Economy, 114(2): 366-402.
  • Katharina Pistor and Chenggang Xu (2005), "Governing Stock Markets in Transition Economies Lessons from China," American Law and Economics Review, 7(1): 184-210.
  • Eric Maskin, Yingyi Qian and Chenggang Xu (2000), "Incentives, Information, and Organizational Form," Review of Economic Studies, 67(2): 359-378.
  • Haizhou Huang and Chenggang Xu (1999), "Institutions, Innovations, and Growth," American Economic Review, 89(2): 438-43.
  • Haizhou Huang and Chenggang Xu (1999), "Financial Institutions and the Financial Crisis in East Asia," European Economic Review, 43(4-6): 903-914.
  • Yingyi Qian and Chenggang Xu (1998), "Innovation and Bureaucracy under Soft and Hard Budget Constraints," Review of Economic Studies, 65(1): 151-164.
  • Martin L. Weitzman and Chenggang Xu (1994), "Chinese Township Village Enterprises as Vaguely Defined Cooperatives," Journal of Comparative Economics, 18(2): 121-145.