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Dr Jiangli Wang

Dr Jiangli Wang

Dr Jiangli Wang was a Visiting Fellow at the LSE Asia Research Centre.

Dr Wang is Lecturer and Deputy Director of Department of Political Science in College of Public Administration, Zhejiang University, Associate Researcher and Assistant to the Director of the Centre for NTS-PD, Zhejiang University.


Research Interests

  • Nontraditional Security
  • Security Community
  • Securitization Study
  • Ecological Security
  • Global Environmental Governance
  • Green Justice

Selected Publications

  • Wang, J. (2010). Securitisation: How Ecological Issues Become a Matter of Security, Journal of Zhejiang University (Humanities and Social Sciences), 40(4)
  • Wang, J. (co-authour) (2009). Green Justice: Value Dimensions of Ecological Security and Ecological Civilization. In: Global Transformation and Strategies in Chinese Foreign Relations, World Affair Press
  • Wang, J. (2009). Security Community in the Context of Non-traditional Security. World Economics and Politics, 343(3)
  • Wang, J. (co-author) (2008). Green Justice: Dimensions of Species Value of Ecological Civilization. Journal of Cambridge Studies, 3(1)
  • Wang, J. (co-author) (2008). Is Global Green Governance Possible? Green Justice and Overcoming the Dilemma of Ecological Security. Journal of Zhejiang University (Humanities and Social Sciences), 38(1)
  • Wang, J. (co-author) (2006). An Outline to Non-traditional Security. The Peoples Press of Zhejiang
  • Wang, J. (co-author) (2006). Non-Traditional Security Keeping: Boundary, Setting, and Paradigm. World Economics and Politics, 315(11)
  • Wang, J. (co-author) (2002). New perspectives on World Politics. ZJU Press