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Ms Dang Bich Thuy


Ms Dang Bich Thuy


Ms Dang Bich Thuy was a Visiting Fellow at the LSE Asia Research Centre.

Ms Thuy is a PhD candidate in Sociology at the Viet Nam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS). She is based in the Institute of Family and Gender Studies at VASS.



Research Interests

  • Children studies
  • Gender and development
  • Poverty reduction
  • Human development

Selected Publications

  • Thuy, Dang Bich (2010). Economic Integration and its Impacts on Implementation of Child Rights in Vietnam. Sociological Review 1(109), pp 57-63. (Vietnamese version).
  • Thuy, Dang Bich (2008). Adolescent Health and its Determinants in the Context of Innovation in Vietnam. Family and Gender Studies Vol.3, pp 31-46 (English version).
  • Thuy, Dang Bich (2008). Gender differences in child labour. Journal of Family and Gender studies 18(6) (Vietnamese version).
  • Thuy, Dang Bich (2007). Urbanization in Viet Nam - Raising social problems of adolescents. Sociological Review 2(98), pp 36-43 (Vietnamese version).
  • Thuy, Dang Bich (2006). Children’s Right in Research and Practice. Journal of Family and Gender Studies 16(2) (Vietnamese version).
  • Thuy, Dang Bich (2005) Child labour in rural mountainous families. Vietnam’s Socio-Economic Development Review 44, pp 71-80 (English version).
  • Thuy, Dang Bich (2005). Poverty Reduction in Vietnam - The challenges in coming years. A paper in the summary record of the International Workshop on Poverty Reduction in Asia and Africa (Vietnamese and English versions).