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Professor Xianglai Tang


Professor Xianglai Tang

Xianglai Tang

Professor Xianglai Tang was a Visiting Fellow at the LSE Asia Research Centre from Nanjing University of Finance and Economics where he is Director of Public Finance Department.

Professor Tang has published in academic journals, and has also published two books. He is interested in the ways that public management reform relates to the state and social culture, focusing in particular on a new model of public management—Public-private Partnerships. Professor Tang is involved in studying Chinese public-private partnerships (PPPs) theory and reforming current public careers by PPPs model. He is currently applying his interest in the social and political sciences to a study of attitudes to the environment. Professor Tang regards public management as being always embodied in political, social, and economic processes, and his aim is to establish a Chinese model of public management reform.

Research Interests

  • Public Economics
  • Educational Finance
  • Contract Theory
  • Public-private Partnerships
  • Taxation and Environment
  • Political Economy
  • Chinese economy

Selected Publications

  • Xianglai Tang and Jiaqian Guo (2010). Some Issues to be Resolved Urgently for Teaching of the Theory of Public Goods. Journal of Nanjing University of Finance and Economics 1:95-100
  • Xianglai Tang (2010). On Limit for Expansion of Public Industry Based on Public-Private Partnerships Mode. Industrial Economy Study 4:16-22
  • Xianglai Tang (2010). Innovation on Model of Solving Debt Risk in Higher Education: Public-private Partnerships. Higher Education Research 6:49-53
  • Xianglai Tang (2010). Research on Innovative Investment Incentive of Public-private Partnerships. Shandong Economy 6:38-42
  • Xianglai Tang, Shumeng Huang (2010). Public Finance. Economic Science Press Beijing
  • Xianglai Tang (2009). Compare among Modes of Public Goods Provision. Shandong Economy 1:26-30
  • Xianglai Tang (2009). Rational Choice of Provision Mode of Rural Public Goods: Public Private Partnerships. Journal of Jilin University of Industry and Commerce 1:46-51
  • Xianglai Tang, Qi Lingling (2009). Educational Public Nature and the People’s Livelihood Orientation of Public Education Expenditures. Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Public Economics and Management, Xiamen, P. R. China November 28-29, 2009
  • Xianglai Tang (2008). Educational Development , Manpower Capital Investment and Economic Growth. Economic Survey 6:13-17
  • Xianglai Tang (2007). Innovative Systems and Perspective: Cost-sharing of Higher Education. Economic Science Press Beijing
  • Xianglai Tang, Wei Wang (2007). On Harmonious Relationships between Labour and Capital in our Small Privately Owned Enterprises. Economic Freedom 3:25-30
  • Xianglai Tang (2006). The Relationship of Economic Growth and Educational Development: A Comparative Analysis. Anhui University Transaction 2:26-30
  • Xianglai Tang (2006). The fourth Path of Public Goods Provision: on Mode of Public Private Partnerships. Economic Survey 1:46-50
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  • Xianglai Tang (2004). On the Unfairness of Chinese Microcosmic Tax Burden. Taxation Research 10:33-37
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