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Dr Shengmin Sun

Dr Shengmin SunDr Shengmin Sun was a Visiting Senior Fellow at the LSE Asia Research Centre.

He received his PhD, MA and BA degrees from Shandong University, Jinan, China. Dr Sun is currently a Professor at the Centre For Economic Research, Shandong University. Previously he was a Post-doctoral fellow in the History and Cultural School, Shandong University.

Dr Sun's research fields include: institutional economics, new economic history, neo-political economy, developing economics and agricultural economics.

Research Interests

  • Institutional change and economic growth in China
  • Economic changes in modern China
  • The development of new economic history in China
  • Social capital and economic development

Selected Publications

  • Sun, S. and Liu, X. (2011). Public health, rational addiction and government intervention. China Economic Quarterly (经济学季刊), 11(1) (in Chinese)
  • Sun, S. (2009). Fifty years of Cliometrics: Conflict, convergence and development of economic and historical paradigms. Social Sciences in China (中国社会科学), 4 (in Chinese)
  • Sun, S. (2009). Economic development and relationship between the industry and agriculture sectors: The Chinese planning economy revisited in Cliometrics. Economic Research Journal (经济研究), 8 (in Chinese)
  • Sun, S. (2008). The Institutional change under lobbying and the distribution of power. Frontiers of Economics in China, 8 (in English)
  • Sun, S. and Huang S. (2005). The impact of land ownership structure on agricultural economic growth: An empirical analysis on agricultural production efficiency on the Chinese mainland (1949-1978). Social Sciences in China (in English)