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Dr Sangsoo Lee


Dr Sangsoo Lee


Dr Sangsoo Lee was a Visiting Fellow of the LSE Asia Research Centre.

Dr Lee is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Security and Development Policy (ISDP) in Sweden. He holds an MA and PhD in Northeast Asian Studies from Peking University. Dr Lee is also a Visiting Researcher at the Northeast-Asia Institute of Peking University, and has worked at the Japan Forum on International Relations, INC in 2005, the Comparative Regional Integration Studies Program of the United Nation University (UNU-CRIS) in Belgium in 2006, and was a guest researcher at the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program of Uppsala University in spring 2007.

Research Interests

  • Conflict Management and Prevention
  • Regional Cooperation
  • Security issues in Northeast Asia
  • Energy and Environment in Northeast Asia

Selected Publications

  • Lee, S. (2011). (ed.), Towards a Solution for the North Korean Nuclear Issue: ISDP-KIDA Joint Project on North Korean WMDs. ISDP Asia Paper, January 2011, pp. 84
  • Lee, S. and Kiesow, I. (2010). No Confidence in Korea: A Regional Problem in a Global Context. ISDP Monograph, May 2010, pp. 137
  • Lee, S. (2009). The Challenges of Sustainable Development in Northeast Asia: Lessons from the Nordic Experience of Environmental Management. ISDP Asia Paper, September 2009
  • Lee, S. and Gavin, B. (2007) Regional Energy Cooperation in North East Asia: Lessons from the European Experience. Asia Europe Journal Volume 5, September 2007, pp. 401-415