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Dr Ruth Kattumuri

Dr Ruth KattumuriDr Ruth Kattumuri is Co-Director of the Asia Research Centre and India Observatory|.

Dr Kattumuri is responsible for developing multi-disciplinary research and programmes of the Asia Research Centre and the India Observatory. With over two decades of experience in higher education in UK and India, Ruth has pioneered several innovative knowledge development programmes. Her research interests are in population and development issues including growth and inclusion; and climate change policy.

Research Interests

  • International Growth and Development
  • Population Dynamics
  • Climate Change Policy
  • Higher education: India and UK
  • Migration
  • India
  • Social Survey Methodology

Selected Publications







  • Kattumuri, R. (2003).One and a half decades of HIV/AIDS In Tamil Nadu: How much do patients know now? International Journal of STD & AIDS, 14(8): 552-559.
  • Vijayathilakan J.P. and Kattumuri, R. (1992). Socio-economic study of sandalwood, rosewood and red sanders in four southern states in India. Crafts Council of India, Chennai, India.
  • Vijayathilakan, J.P. and Kattumuri, R. (1989). Study of disadvantaged groups in Tamil Nadu. NOVIB (Netherlands Organisation for International Assistance), Netherlands.
  • Vijayathilakan, J.P. and Kattumuri, R. et al (1987). Study of Sri Lankan refugees in Tamil Nadu. World Council of Churches.


  • Dr Ruth Kattumuri presented with the Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Award 2014
    Dr Ruth Kattumuri, Co-Director of the LSE India Observatory and Asia Research Centre, has received the Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Award 2014 in recognition of her contributions and dedication to worthy causes and her achievements in keeping the flag of India high.
  • Manjhi showcases Bihar at LSE growth meet
    Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi showcased Bihar at an LSE lecture saying Bihar has seen a dramatic turnaround during the last seven to eight years. Ruth Kattamuri said Bihar should find innovative solutions to challenges in the housing sector by allowing high-rise buildings (Times of India 24 September 2014)
  • Asia Research Centre and India Observatory Seminar
    17th June 2014 Speakers: Johannes Boehm, Jing Chen, Anokhi Parikh and Ling Yang. Chair: Ruth Kattumuri