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Dr Shunji Cui|

Dr Shunji Cui

ShunjiCuiDr Shunji Cui was a British Academy Fellow at the LSE Asia Research Centre.

Dr Cui is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science, School of Public Affairs and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Non-Traditional Security & Peaceful Development Studies (NTS-PD), Zhejiang University, China. She received her PhD in International Relations at LSE in 2008, and was a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the Asia Research Centre during 2008-2009.

Her research deals with International Security and Non-Traditional Security cooperation with reference to China-Japan and East Asian relations.

Research Interests

  • China-Japan and East Asian relations
  • International security
  • Non-traditional security cooperation

Selected Publications

  • Cui, S. (2013). Beyond History: Non-traditional security cooperation and the construction of Northeast Asian international society. Journal of Contemporary China, 22(83): 868–886
  • Cui, S. (2012). Problems of Nationalism and Historical Memory in China’s Relations with Japan. Journal of Historical Sociology, 25(2): 119-222
  • Cui, S. (2012). "Positive Peace" and Non-Traditional Security Studies: Chinese cultural perspectives. International Politics Quarterly (国际政治研究), (1): 39-44 (in Chinese)
  • Cui, S. and Li, J. (2011). (De)Securitising Frontier Security in China: Beyond the positive and negative debate. Cooperation and Conflict, 46(2): 144-165
  • Cui, S. and Yu, X. (2010). Security Governance: From non-traditional security management perspectives. World Economics and Politics (世界经济与政治) (1): 84-96 (in Chinese)