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Professor Chang Gyu Choi

Professor Chang Gyu Choi

Professor Chang Gyu Choi was a Visiting Senior Fellow at the LSE Asia Research Centre.

Chang Gyu Choi is a Professor at Hanyang University’s Graduate School of Urban Studies. With diverse academic and practical experiences in urban planning, urban design, and real estate developments, he joined Hanyang University, one of Korea’s most prestigious universities, in 2009. He received his B.A (1990), M.S (1992) and Ph.D (1997) in Urban Planning from Hanyang University, Seoul and MsRED (2004) from Columbia University, New York. In pursuit of a career in urban planning and design, he has focused on mixing economic and business-driven mind with the understanding of public benefits.

He received the Academic Prize in 2015 from Korea Planners Association which was established in 1958, Korea’s oldest and most renowned academic organization in the field of planning. He has authored more than 45 articles in leading academic journals such as Journal of Korea Planners Association, Journal of the Urban Design Institute of Korea, Cities, Land Use Policy and etc. In addition, he has energetically participated in seminars, conferences, and workshops as chair, co-chair, and vice-chair.

His research at LSE reviewed growth management and housing supply policies during rapid economic growth and urbanization of the Seoul Metropolitan Area, Korea and reports the implications and lessons from the latest experiences to other developing countries.

Research Interests

  • Urban regeneration
  • Growth management
  • Built environment
  • Density
  • Mixed land use
  • Walking
  • Liveability
  • Place making
  • New towns
  • Green Belts

Selected Publications