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Mr Fengyuan Chen

Mr Fengyuan ChenMr Fengyuan Chen was a visiting PhD student at the LSE Asia Research Centre.

Mr Chen is a PhD candidate of public administration at the Social Security Research Center of China at Renmin University. He is Chairman of the Social Security Youth Society. His research interests include pensions, social security reform and public economics.

Research Interests

  • Pensions
  • Social security reform
  • Public economics

Selected Publications

  • Chen, Fengyuan. Social Security Research on Economics Perspective. Economic Perspectives. (Forthcoming).
  • Chen, Fengyuan (2011). Literature Review of Funded Pension Study. Shandong Social Science 3.
  • Chen, Fengyuan (2010). Study on Huge Surplus of China’s Unemployment Insurance Fund. Henan Social Science 11.