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Dr Anup Shekhar Chakraborty


Dr Anup Shekhar Chakraborty

AnupChakrabortyDr Anup Shekhar Chakraborty was the CR Parekh Fellow 2011-12 at the LSE Asia Research Centre.

Dr Chakraborty is Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, St Joseph’s College, University of North Bengal.

His doctoral work was on identity politics in the North East Indian state of Mizoram from the University of Calcutta. He was awarded the ‘India Social Science Research Award 2009’ by Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) and India Development Foundation for his research work on ‘Politics of Social ‘Exclusions’ and ‘Inclusions’ in Mizoram’.

For his post doctoral studies he is researching on identity politics and smaller states movements in and around north Bengal in the Indian state of West Bengal.

Research Interests

  • Identity and ethnicity
  • Gender and spatial politics
  • Migrations and diaspora
  • Media and culture studies
  • Community studies
  • Development studies
  • HIV/Aids and reproductive health
  • Human rights & refugee issues

Selected Publication

  • Chakraborty, A. (2013). Identity and virtual spaces among the Zo Hnahthlak: Emergent Zo Cyberpolitics. In: Desai, G. (ed.) The Virtual Transformation of the Public Sphere: Knowledge, Politics, Identity. Routledge Publications, New Delhi and London, pp. 169-193
  • Chakraborty, A. (2012). Construing and Gleaning the Vexing Notion of the ‘Outsider’ In Mizoram: Pre-statehood to post-statehood times. QUEST - The Journal of UGC Academic Staff College, Nainital, Kumaun University. 6(2): 297-304
  • Chakraborty, A. (2012). Politics of Bamboo Flowering in Mizoram. NEHU Journal. X(2): 49-57
  • Chakraborty, A. (2012) Women in the Zo Society: Un-screening the ‘Kuki-Chin-Mizo Oral Traditions’ and ‘Zo Written History’. In: Nepal, P. and Chakraborty, A. (eds.) Politics of Culture, Identity and Protest in North-east India. Vol. 1 & 2, Authorspress, New Delhi
  • Chakraborty, A. (2010) Memory of a Lost Past, Memory of Rape: Nostalgia, trauma and the construction of collective social memory among the Zo Hnahthlak. Identity, Culture and Politics - a biannual journal of International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Colombo, Sri Lanka and the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA), Dakar, Senegal. 11(2): 87-104
  • Chakraborty, A. (2008) Emergence of Women from ‘Private’ to ‘Public’: A narrative of power politics from Mizoram. Journal of International Women’s Studies (JIWS). 9(3): 27- 45