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Dr Ehtisham Ahmad

AhmadDr Ehtisham Ahmad is a Visiting Senior Fellow of the LSE Asia Research Centre.

He is also a Senior Fellow at ZEF, University of Bonn. Dr. Ahmad has held senior positions over the past two decades in the International Monetary Fund (Senior Advisor, Office of Executive Directors; Advisor and Division Chief, Fiscal Affairs Department); and was also a member of the core team for the World Bank’s 1990 World Development Report on Poverty.

He has also been Special Advisor to the Finance Minister of Saudi Arabia; as well as Director of the Development Economics Research Program, STICERD, LSE in the late 1980s, and Deputy Director of the Development Economics Research Center at the University of Warwick (to 1986).

Research Interests

  • Design of public policies, governance and distributional questions
  • Political economy of intergovernmental fiscal relations
  • Applied fiscal issues in China, South Asia and a number of countries in the Middle East
  • Public Economics
  • Federalism

Selected Publications