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Karnataka working to tap climate change funds
Karnataka has several ‘project ready’ initiatives for accessing Global Climate Change Mitigation Incentive Fund, said BK Chandrashekar, former Chairman of Karnataka legislative Council and President of Bangalore Climate Change Initiative-Karnataka.

Lord Nicholas Stern to chair national review of university research
Professor Lord Nicholas Stern, Chair of LSE’s Grantham Research Institute, will lead a UK-wide review to ensure future university research funding is allocated more efficiently and linked to widespread public impact.

Karnataka has signifcant role in realising INDCs
"Karnataka is at an advantageous position to tap the international finance and technology transfer resulting from the global negotiations," at the just-concluded CoP-21, The Bangalore Climate Change Initiative-Karnataka (BCCI-K) said in a statement.

Social and economic development are top of the agenda in tackling climate change
The threat of climate change has put greenhouse gas emissions on the global agenda, but leaders see opportunities for development, say experts. Dr Ruth Kattumuri is quoted.

Climate Change: Tackling the Global Threat
Dr Ruth Kattumuri recently participated on a panel discussing what should be done at the UN climate negotiations conference in Paris during December 2015. The discussion was recorded and is available to watch on NHK World.

India climbs six places on WEF’s gender index
'In a paper...published by the LSE Asia Research Centre, Surjit Bhalla and Ravinder Kaur point out that discrimination against women, starting from practices such as sex-selective abortion, is a possible reason for poor participation of women in the workforce.' ( 20 November 2015)

Burning more fossil fuels is no answer to air pollution
Professor Lord Stern argues the role of fossil fuels in the 7m deaths from air pollution worldwide each year.

PM Modi, Fadnavis inaugurate Ambedkar’s memorial in London
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis inaugurated the BR Ambedkar memorial in London on Saturday. This is the house where Ambedkar lived while pursuing his studies at the London School of Economics in 1921-22.

LSE students discuss Modi's UK visit and entrepreneurship
Dr Ruth Kattumuri and LSE students discuss Modi's visit to the UK and the challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs in India.

Lord Stern on the effects of climate change
In this video, Lord Nicholas Stern addresses the dangers of climate change and possible "devastating effects" that it could have on densely populated cities in the future (in Spanish).

Sustainable Development: The goals and the challenges ahead
As the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit begins in New York, Ruth Kattumuri offers an overview of the 17 goals.

An ethical approach to assessing the risks of climate change will help countries to both overcome poverty and develop sustainably
Countries can make the transition to low-carbon economic growth, overcome poverty and raise living standards, if they both recognise the great opportunities available and embrace an ethical approach to managing climate change, Nicholas Stern tells senior representatives from the Catholic Church.

The Tata Social Internship 2015 Hosts 17 International Students in India
Ruth Kattumuri commented that the internship "provides an excellent opportunity for the students to gain valuable exposure and experience from an emerging economy perspective."

Tata Social Internship hosts 17 international students in India
The 2015 edition of Tata Social Internship comprises 17 international students, including 7 from LSE, completing a two-month experiential internship in the ongoing sustainability projects of the Tata companies in India.

German manufacturing model best for China
"What is unusual about China is not that the growth rate has slowed but that the economy has actually managed to grow at nearly 10 percent a year for 30 years," says Professor Athar Hussain.

New Brics bank in Shanghai to challenge major institutions
"Nicholas Stern recalled how he and Joseph Stiglitz conceived the idea for the Brics bank at Davos as a way for emerging markets with large trade surpluses to recycle those savings into productive investments."

Ethiopia: A Consultative Conference On the Financing of Sustainable Infrastructure
Lord Stern spoke in a session on sustainable infrastructure at a conference in Addis Ababa.

India, Pakistan Could Not Afford to Be Left Out of SCO
Professor Athar Hussain comments on the acceptance of India and Pakistan as members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Banishing ghosts
In this article on 'ghost cities', Professor Athar Hussain comments on migration in China.

Policy Brief: China’s “new normal”
China has grown rapidly for more than three decades. It now entered a new phase of economic development - a “new normal” - focused on better quality growth.

Research Grant for Scholars of Chinese Studies
Application deadline 31 May 2015 for Research Grants for Foreign Scholars in Chinese Studies offered by the Center for Chinese Studies, based in Taiwan.

Nicholas Stern elected an international member of the American Philosophical Society
American Philosophical Society promotes useful knowledge in the sciences and humanities. Election to the Society honours extraordinary accomplishments in all fields.

China-Pakistan Relations
Athar Hussain comments on Chinese investment in Pakistan and the recent state visit to Pakistan by Chinese President Xi Jinping (Article in Italian - cinaforum 24 April 2015)

Podcasts: LSESU China Development Forum 2015
Podcasts of sessions from the LSESU China Development Forum 2015 are now available to download.

Farm Crisis Kills Ryots, Government Remains in Denial
An ARC working paper by former fellow Srijit Mishra is quoted in this article on agrarian distress in Odisha state, India (New Indian Express 24 April 2015)

Aroon Purie named Editor of the Year
LSE alumnus Aroon Purie, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of India Today Group, received the top honour of Editor of the Year in the prestigious IAA Leadership Awards for Excellence 2015 held in Mumbai (India Today 19 April 2015)

Google celebrates man who fought for India's 'untouchables'
Google has celebrated the birth of one of the leading figures in the Indian freedom movement with a special doodle to commemorate the birthday of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar (The Guardian 14 April 2015)

BR Ambedkar's 124th Birthday
Dr BR Ambedkar, was a politician and jurist who fought for the rights of dalits and other persecuted classes in the Indian social system. Now the 124th anniversary of his birth has been celebrated with a Google Doodle (The Independent 14 April 2015)

Nicholas Stern on India's future
Nicholas Stern talks about India's future and how the issues are interwoven with environment and climate change on the sidelines of a conference in Delhi.

Opportunity with the European Council on Foreign Relations
The ECFR is looking for a Project Assistant for its India Programme in Paris. Closes 13th April.

New Gandhi statue unveiled in London's Parliament Square
Unveiling of new statue marks 100th anniversary of Gandhi’s return to India to start the struggle for independence from British rule (The Guardian 14 March 2015)

I want to know Flipkart’s business model: Jhunjhunwala
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ramesh Damani and N Jayakumar discuss the "irrational" valuations of e-commerce space on the sidelines of Economic Forum for India at LSE 2015.

Britain's involvement in AIIB reflects its pragmatism in bonds with Asia
'Danny Quah, said that Britain has already re-adjusted its trading, economic and financial ties with Asia, as the world has entered into a new normal with strong characteristics of the rise of the east.' ( 14 March 2015)

Nicholas Stern receives the Schumpeter Award 2015
The Schumpeter Award is awarded by the Schumpeter Society for innovative achievements in the field of business, economics, or economic policy.

Kashmir: Can new government provide healing touch?
The alliance between India's ruling BJP and the regional PDP to govern Indian-administered Kashmir is the most hopeful development in the region in a quarter of a century, writes Professor Sumantra Bose (BBC News 3 March 2015)

Peripheral diplomacy needed before Chinese firms can aim globally
Beijing's discussion on China's relationship with surrounding countries has entered a new phase. In academia, professors have long been concerned about the surrounding countries ever since the founding of People's Republic of China. But the concept of "periphery countries" has not been defined as a principle until recent years (Global Times 10 February 2015)

LSE Southeast Asia and ASEASUK Postgraduate Workshop
LSE Southeast Asia Centre and Association of Southeast Asian Studies in the UK have announced a call for papers for their Postgraduate Workshop on 15th May 2015 at LSE. The workshop is open to PhD students and early career researchers from all fields of the social sciences, arts and humanities.

China internationalise only when wise
'China should liberalise its capital account controls and foreign exchange rate controls at a speed that benefits its economic growth' (China Daily 20 February 2015)

China's soft power promotes international understanding
China's practice of soft power is aimed to better facilitate the understanding between itself and the world, rather than imposing its own opinions onto other nations (Ecns 10 February 2015)

Sinologist calls for improving translation of Chinese literature
Less-qualified translation and less attention from Western publishers have made Chinese literature less acknowledged (Globalpost 9 February 2015)

Increasing renminbi activities in London: experts
London's development of a renminbi offshore centre is gaining speed as China's trade and investment flows with the UK increase and the Chinese currency internationalises (The China Post 10 February 2015)

Thailand Government Scholarship
Applications are now being accepted for this Scholarship which gives LSE students the chance to conduct a research project in Thailand.

Applications are now open for the Tata ISES scheme which offers LSE students the chance to undertake social entrepreneurship projects in India.

Experts optimistic about China's reform agenda
At an event organised by the LSESU China Development Society, Professor Craig Calhoun commented that China's economic growth is unmatched in world history and the growth is not just the GDP figure, but also growth of the middle class (Xinhua 6 February 2015)

China's Pension System Reform
Listen to Professor Athar Hussin, and others, speak on China's pension system reform (China Radio International 4 February 2015)

Great leaps in soft power
The spread of Chinese culture is opening paths as companies go global and creating an eagerness to learn more about the country. This trend will be explored at the LSESU China Development Forum in London (China Daily 6 February 2015)

What makes the Tata empire tick?
The Indian conglomerate has become a major presence in the UK economy and has a unique way of operating (The Independent 5 February 2015)

Maharashtra govt to buy London house where Ambedkar lived
The Maharashtra government has approved a proposal to purchase the London house where Dr BR Ambedkar lived and convert it into an international memorial (India Today 3 February 2015)

All the Bapu's missionaries
In Ahmedabad, Gandhi found men and women to be his frontline satyagrahis. One, Anasuya Sarabhai, had been a student at LSE (Times of India 1 February 2015)

PM Modi must continue reforms in the Budget
Lord Meghnad Desai comments on the India economy.