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Pakistani Election: Outcome & Implications for the Future

Public Seminar

Friday 24th May 2013, 12pm to 1.30pm, Thai Theatre, Room NAB.LG.03, Lower Ground Floor, New Academic Building, LSE

Panellists: Ehtisham Ahmad and Athar Hussain

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The Pakistani election held on May 11th 2013 is the first time a democratically elected government has been succeeded by another without a military coup. The election comes against the backdrop of substantial decentralisation of powers from central to provincial governments. The election results show a marked regionalisation of politics in Pakistan. Bar some minor exceptions, seats in the National Assembly won by each party are from one province only. As warned by the Taliban, the run-up to the election and the polling day have been marked by targeted killing of candidates and terrorist attacks. However, the election campaign has been lively. The population has shown its fervour for democracy by travelling long distances to polling stations and queuing for hours to cast their votes. Notwithstanding the condemnation of the election as “unIslamic”, women turned out in force to cast their vote. Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N emerged as the single largest party. He is poised to become Prime Minster after 14 years. The furore over vote-rigging will be the least of his troubles. In his campaign, he promised to turn around the ailing economy and end the crippling power shortages. The purposes of the meeting is to discuss the outcome of the election and analyse its implications for dealing with the ills of the economy and the threat of terrorism that hangs over the country.

Dr Ehtisham Ahmad| is a Visiting Senior Fellow at the LSE Asia Research Centre and Senior Fellow at the University of Bonn, Center for Development Research.

Professor Athar Hussain| is Director of the LSE Asia Research Centre.

Additional Information

This event is free and open to all with no ticket required. Entry is on a first come, first served basis. For any queries email arc@lse.ac.uk| or call 020 7955 7615.