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A Regional Approach toward Afghanistan

Public Seminar

Tuesday, 9th November 2010, 3.30pm to 5.00pm, NAB206, New Academic Building, LSE

Speaker: Mr. Samarjit Ghosh
Chair: Dr. Rudra Chaudhuri

The aim of the paper is to analyse the role regional actors, including India, could play in the stability of Afghanistan. The importance that the region, as a whole, has for lasting stability in Afghanistan is widely accepted. Intertwined in the regional security systems of South Asia, the Persian Gulf and Central Asia, each with specific security concerns of its own, the appeal of a neutral Afghanistan, surrounded by non-interfering regional actors is unquestionable for the most part. More tenuous however is the framework that such an approach could take, given the history of the region (both in the distant past and the comparatively recent) and the possibility/plausibility of the same.

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Samarjit Ghosh, Visiting Fellow at the Asia Research Centre, is from the Centre for Land Warfare Studies, New Delhi. His research interests include postmodern conceptions of warfare and the future character of conflict, politico-military developments in the Islamic Republics of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the participation of the international community in the same.

Rudra Chaudhuri

Dr Rudra Chaudhuri is a lecturer in the Department of War Studies, King's College, London. He previously taught at the UK Joint Services Command and Staff College. He heads a project titled 'A Regional Strategy for South Asia and Afghanistan' at his department. The primary aim of the project is to examine regional dimensions of the conflict in Afghanistan. In addition, his current research focuses on a revisionist account of the debates surrounding the 1971 Indo-Soviet Treaty of Friendship; outlining key aspects of the 1962-63 India-Pakistan talks on the Kashmir dispute; and studying the intricacies embedded in India's approach to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).