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Europe's Experiences and the Developing Process of Cross-Taiwan Strait Relations

Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th November 2010, LSE

Conference attendance by invitation only

This conference is a collaborative tripartite meeting involving European, Chinese and Taiwanese scholars. The presentations and discussions will explore key issues of mutual interest related to the recent developments of the Taiwan Strait and its implications for Europe’s role in the region.

Taiwan Strait has been characterised as a hotspot for some years. Active efforts by Taiwan and Mainland China have enabled positive developments in the Taiwan Strait. Based on a step-by-step pragmatic approach, they have been able to set aside their disputes and reach mutual agreements on some important issues. The Economic Co-operation Framework Agreement (ECFA) is one such example.

In going forward, several challenges could possibly emerge in the ongoing political or military dialogues related to the future cross-strait relations. Europe can offer valuable lessons and share its experiences of rapprochement and reconciliation for Taiwan and Mainland China to strengthen their mutual confidence to secure sustainable and peaceful relations in the region. These issues will comprise the content of this conference.


  • European Union Research Centre, Institute of International Relations (IIR), National Chengchi University
  • LSE Asia Research Centre


  • Mainland Affairs Council, Executive Yuan

Agenda Overview

  • 3 November 2010
    Session 1: Recent Developments in Cross-Taiwan Strait Relations
    Session 2: Cross-Strait Relations in the International Context
    Session 3: Europe’s Experiences in Political Reconciliation 
  • 4 November 2010
    Session 4: Future Developments of Cross-Strait Relations
    Session 5 (Roundtable): The EU and Cross-Strait Relations

Participants and Proposed Papers

Tzong-ho Bau


Kerry Brown

Taiwan and the Peace Process in Northern Ireland: Parallels and Divergences

Zhao Chen

Europe's Experience in Political Reconciliation: the Entrepreneurs and the Entrepreneurship

Chih-wei Chou

Wrestling with an Asymmetrical Opponent: A Review of Integration and Coercion across the Taiwan Strait

Christopher M. Dent

Future Cross-Strait Economic Relations in their Wider Regional Context

Douglas Fuller


Sven Bernhard Gareis

Dialogue, Cooperation and Integration - Convergence and Reconciliation in Europe after the Cold War

Francois Gipouloux


David W. F. Huang

How to Reap Peace Dividend of Economic Integration? A Lesson from Europe

Christopher Hughes

The Impact of Economic Integration on the International Political and Security Regime for Taiwan

Athar Hussain


Jaeho Hwang

Korean Understanding of Taiwan Situation and the Future Prospects for Korean-Taiwan Cooperation

Francis Yi-hua Kan

Prospects of Confidence-Building Measures across the Taiwan Strait and Implications for Regional Security

Ming Lee

Cross-Taiwan Strait Relations after the ECFA: Implications on the East Asian Economic Integration

Alice Richard


Razeen Sally

EU-Taiwan trade relations and the case for a bilateral free trade agreement

Guenter Schucher

Full support? Cross-Strait Rapprochement and Responses in the US and Europe

Xinning Song

Possible Spill-over Effect in Future Cross-strait Relationship?

Hungdah Su

EU-Taiwan's Relations in a New Era

Steve Tsang

Why the Taiwan-China détente matters to the rest of the world

Kao-cheng Wang

The Cross-Strait Relations and Asia Pacific Security

Chen-shen Yen

Peaceful Means to Attain Political Solution across the Taiwan Strait in the Post-ECFA Context

Zhexin Zhang

Trends and Prospects of Cross-Straits Relations in the ECFA Era



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