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Forthcoming Events

The Asia Research Centre hosts a wide and varied calendar of events, including public lectures, seminars, book launches and conferences. ARC events are focused on various topics associated with Asia and the Social Sciences. 

The following is for All ARC-related Forthcoming events. There are also country-specific events pages: Afghanistan|, Bangladesh|, China|, India|, Indonesia|, Japan|, Korea|Pakistan|, Taiwan|, and Thailand|.


Asia Research Centre and India Observatory Seminar|

4th March 2015

Speakers: Mr Zhou Ran and Dr Saswata Ghosh. Discussant: Professor Athar Hussain. Chair: Dr Ruth Kattumuri

Jairam Ramesh

Green Signals: Ensuring economic growth with ecological security|

13th March 2015

Speaker: Jairam Ramesh

Co-hosted with IGC| and Grantham|


Recent Events

Dr S. Vivek

Political Commitment to Public Services in India|

25th February 2015

Speaker: Dr S. Vivek. Chair: Dr Ruth Kattumuri

British Academy logo

Enriching our lives – why the Humanities and Social Sciences matter now|

3rd February 2015

Speakers: Professor Julia Black, Mr Greg Clark, Professor Lord Stern
Chair: Professor Conor Gearty

Organised by LSE Institute of Public Affairs| and British Academy|


Institutions, Poverty and Rural Development in China:
Evidence from Farmers in Shandong Province

16th December 2014

Speaker: Dr Shengmin Sun. Chair: Professor Athar Husain

The Book of Gold Leaves

The Book of Gold Leaves: In conversation with Mirza Waheed|

8th December 2014

Speakers: Mr Mirza Waheed and Ms Razia Iqbal

Podcast available|

Dr Louise Walker

Kabul: The growth story you don't know|

1st December 2014

Speaker: Dr Louise Walker. Chair: Professor Athar Hussain

Co-hosted with LSE Middle East Centre|

Podcast available|

Pakistan Floods

Climate Change and Indus River System Floods, 2010-2014: Faulty institutions and governance deficit|

27th November 2014

Speaker: Dr Uzma Hanif. Chair: Professor Athar Hussain

Jagdish Bhagwati

Poverty and the Pope|

19th November 2014

Speaker: Professor Jagdish Bhagwati. Chair: Professor Craig Calhoun

Dr Jiayan Liu
Elderly Chinese women

The Gender Dimension of the Aging Problem in China|

15h October 2014

Speaker: Dr Yi Ding. Chair: Professor Athar Hussain

An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles

An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles: The hero's journey of Alfred Russel Wallace in Southeast Asia|

15th October 2014

Speakers: Mr Paul Spencer Sochaczewski and Mr David Hallmark. Chair: Dr Roger Montgomery

Joel Backaler

China Goes West: Everything you need to know about Chinese companies going global|

6th October 2014

Speaker: Mr Joel Backaler. Chair: Professor Athar Hussain

Podcast available|

Dr Montek Singh Ahluwalia

Growth, Policy and Institutions: lessons from the Indian experience|

25th September 2014

Speaker: Dr Montek Singh Ahluwalia. Discussant: Professor Lord Nicholas Stern. Chair: Professor Francesco Caselli

This IGC| event is part of Growth Week 2014|

Video and audio available|


The Bihar Story: Resurrection of the State, Inclusion and Growth|

22nd September 2014

Speaker: Shri Jitan Ram Manjhi. Discussants: Professor Robin Burgess, Dr Shaibal Gupta, and Dr Ruth Kattumuri. Chair: Lord Karan Bilimoria

Co-hosted with IGC|. This event is part of Growth Week 2014|

Video and audio available|