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Forthcoming Events

The Asia Research Centre hosts a wide and varied calendar of events, including public lectures, seminars, book launches and conferences. ARC events are focused on various topics associated with Asia and the Social Sciences. 

The following is for All ARC-related Forthcoming events. There are also country-specific events pages: Afghanistan|, Bangladesh|, China|, India|, Indonesia|, Japan|, Korea|Pakistan|, Taiwan|, and Thailand|.


Why Are We Waiting? The logic, urgency and promise of tackling climate change|

3rd June 2015

Speaker: Professor Lord Stern. Chair: Professor Craig Calhoun

Organised by Grantham Research Institute| and Centre for Economic Performance|


Recent Events


Bagri Fellows Seminar|

7th May 2015

Speakers: Mr Jason Garred and Mr Jonathan Colmer. Chair: Dr Ruth Kattumuri


Asia Research Centre and India Observatory Seminar|

20th April 2015

Speakers: Dr Saurabh Kumar, Mr Zehao Cai and Mr Yangyang Liu. Chair: Professor Athar Hussain

Campaign for Social Science

The Future of Social Science after the General Election|

16th March 2015

Panel: Professor Craig Calhoun, Professor Lord Nicholas Stern, Professor James Wilsdon, David Walker, Professor Andy Ross and Ceridwen Roberts

Organised by Campaign for Social Science|

Economic Forum for India at LSE 2014

Asia Research Centre and India Observatory Seminar|

4th March 2015

Speakers: Mr Zhou Ran and Dr Saswata Ghosh. Discussant: Professor Athar Hussain. Chair: Dr Ruth Kattumuri

Dr S. Vivek

Political Commitment to Public Services in India|

25th February 2015

Speaker: Dr S. Vivek. Chair: Dr Ruth Kattumuri

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Enriching our lives – why the Humanities and Social Sciences matter now|

3rd February 2015

Speakers: Professor Julia Black, Mr Greg Clark, Professor Lord Stern
Chair: Professor Conor Gearty

Organised by LSE Institute of Public Affairs| and British Academy|