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Previous Thailand Government Scholars

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Details of previous Thailand Government Scholars and their reports can be found on this page.


Laura Aumeer

Laura Aumeer (MSc Comparative Politics - Democracy, Department of Government) visited Thailand during September and December 2013 to explore the interaction between Thai civil society and international actors, and assess the way this impacts the strength of Thai civil society.

Laura's report is titled Local Movements in a Globalised World: A study of the impacts and influences of the relationship between the grassroots and the international within Thailand’s civil society|.

Kamila Baczek

Kamila Baczek (MSc in Organisational Behaviour, Department of Management) visited Thailand during August and September 2013 to analyse differences in global and Thai leadership and investigate crucial competencies of creativity, empathy, strive for success and workplace diversity in order to evaluate current leadership effectiveness among Thai leaders.

Kamila's report is titled Effective Leadership in Thailand: Exploratory factor analysis of creativity, need for achievement, emotional intelligence and diversity|.


Scott MacDonald

Scott MacDonald (MSc Double Degree in Public Administration and Government, Department of Government, LSE and School of Government, Peking University) visited Thailand during August and September 2012 to conduct research into the government mechanisms which support solar photovoltaic energy in Thailand.

Scott's report is titled Solar Photovoltaic Energy in Thailand: An assessment of government support mechanisms|.

Polly McKinlay

Polly McKinlay (BSc Social Policy with Government, Department of Social Policy) visited Thailand during August 2012 to undertake research into housing and regeneration in Bangkok.


Sarah Alexandra George

Sarah Alexandra George (BSc Philosophy, Logic & Scientific Method, Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method) visited Thailand during August and September 2011 to conduct research into the ethics and philosophy inherent in the Thai national sport – traditional Muay Thai.

Sarah's report is titled Dancing Under the Mongkhon: How Thailand’s national sport can teach us a distinctive moral code|.

Timothy Williams

Timothy Williams (MSc Comparative Politics, Department of Government) visited Thailand during September and October 2011 to undertake research into the Muslim insurgency in the southern Pattani region.

Timothy’s report is titled Beyond Development and Counter-Insurgency: Searching for a political solution to the Malay Secessionist Conflict in Southern Thailand|.

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