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Taiwan in Comparative Perspective

Volume 4 (2012): Special Issue on Taiwan and Ireland in Comparative Perspective

ISSN 1752-7732

  Editors: Dr Fang-Long Shih and Reverend John McNeil Scott (LSE Taiwan Research Programme)

A launch event and wine reception| for the publication of this journal volume took place at the LSE on 22 March in the Senior Common Room.



Full text of Volume 4| [PDF]

Introduction| [PDF]
John McNeil Scott

Taiwan’s Subjectivity and National Narrations: Towards a Comparative Perspective with Ireland| [PDF]
Fang-Long Shih

The Liminality of Taiwan: A Case-Study in Geopolitics| [PDF]
Stéphane Corcuff

Lin Hsien-Tang’s Taiwanese Home Rule Movement as Inspired by the Irish Model| [PDF]
Fu-San Huang, Sam Huang and Conor Mulvagh

Cinema, Identity, and Resistance: Comparative Perspectives on A City of Sadness and |The Wind that Shakes the Barley| [PDF]
Ming-Yeh T. Rawnsley

Voices from Two Theatrical Others: Labour Issues in the Theatres of Ireland and Taiwan| [PDF]
Wei H. Kao

The Political Incorporation of Taiwanese Americans and Irish Americans Compared| [PDF]
Pei-Te Lien and Jeanette Yih Harvie

Developmental Immigration in the Republic of Ireland and Taiwan| [PDF]
Bryan Fanning

A Comparative Study of Language Movements in Taiwan and Ireland| [PDF]
Khin-Huann Li, with Liam Mac Mathúna


Taiwan and the Peace Process in Northern Ireland: Parallels and Divergences| [PDF]
Kerry Brown

Changes in China’s Domestic Policies and Implications for Taiwan| [PDF]
Mu Qiao

Book Reviews

Dublin James Joyce Journal| [PDF]
Conor Stuart and Shu-Ling Horng

Bryan Fanning (2011) Immigration and Social Cohesion in the Republic of Ireland  |[PDF]
Isabelle N.-T. Cheng

Caoilfhionn Nic Pháidín and Seán Ó Cearnaigh (2008) A New View of the Irish Language |[PDF]
Stuart Thompson

Su Holmes and Diane Negra (2011) In the Limelight and Under the Microscope: Forms and Functions of Female Celebrity| [PDF]
R.E. Bartholomew

Gerardine Meaney (2011) Gender, Ireland, and Cultural Change: Race, Sex, and Nation| [PDF]
Fang-Long Shih and R. E. Bartholomew