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India Observatory

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The India Observatory is a Centre to develop and enhance research and programmes related to India's economy, politics and society. Its role is to support, facilitate and promote vibrant intellectual engagement between the UK and India, and to participate in wider international inter-disciplinary research and programmes with partners in Asia and beyond. More about IO »|


Dr Isher Judge Ahluwalia

Transforming Indian Cities: Challenges and Opportunities|

Urban areas are integral to India’s growth and development, accounting for around two-thirds of the country’s GDP. Yet the country’s cities face severe challenges and are desperately in need of transformation. In this lecture, Dr Ahluwalia offered an analysis of the challenges and opportunities facing Indian cities at this critical juncture.

Co-hosted with LSE Cities|

The New Bihar

The New Bihar: Rekindling Governance and Development|

Nicholas Stern and NK Singh were joined by a panel to launch their book and discuss the economic developments in recent years, and future prospects for growth, in Bihar.

Co-hosted with International Growth Centre| and South Asia Centre

Video and audio available|

Professor Amartya Sen

An Uncertain Glory: The economic and social condition of modern India|

Maintaining rapid as well as environmentally sustainable growth remains an important and achievable goal for India. In this lecture Amartya Sen argued that India's main problems lie elsewhere, particularly in the lack of attention that is paid to the essential needs of the people, especially the poor.

Podcast available|



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